Weekends Are For Fun!

Balancing the focus on academics and extracurricular activities is flat-out fun — and there's lots of opportunity for it at Brooks!

Check out photos & video from our annual field day during "Western Weekend!"

Celebrating opening weekend with a "Wild West" party and our annual field day September 10-11.

We believe that weekends exist to allow time for play, whether that's through joining a dodge ball game or going out to a dance. So Brooks' faculty Student Activities Coordinator works with the Community Activities Board (CAB) student group to provide an active social calendar that offers everyone in our diverse student body with a range of fun things to do on Saturdays and Sundays.

Some of the highlights include . . .

On-campus events such as:

  • Annual Luau party
  • Bubble soccer games
  • Block party festival
  • Barn Babies Traveling Petting Zoo study break
  • Rock concerts with student bands
  • Dances
  • Themed parties
  • Bingo with prizes
  • Cultural events including the Asian American Association's Moon Festival

Off-campus activities such as:

  • Renting out a room at Lazer Craze
  • Escape room "questing" at Boda Borg
  • Outings to Dave & Buster's
  • Trips to local restaurants and malls
  • Movie theater visits
  • Multi-school dances
  • Excursions for adventure-seekers to enjoy:
  • Local area fun runs


Poster of annual music festival Brookstock
Collage of photos from outdoor music festival, Brookstock
Photo of students outdoors enjoying Brookstock


Sneak a Peek at a Typical Saturday . . . 

Click to download this full Saturday to Sunday schedule

Of course, informal activities for students to enjoy with teachers and dorm families are always on the agenda. Brooks often hosts faculty versus student trivia nights and basketball games.

And most weekends include the opportunity to just relax in an "open house" at one of the resident faculty homes, during which students typically bake cookies or brownies and play board games for a cozy night in.

The Community Activities Board

Students are the driving force behind the activities offered by the CAB (and facilitated by a team of faculty). The group proposes plans, gets input from fellow students and helps rally support for all the events on campus.

Each week a lineup of the weekend events is emailed to students and displayed in the academic building on TV screens.