How Is The Food, Really?

The food is amazing. So many great options and healthy choices!

response to campus dining hall survey

Brooks' dining services company Meriwether Godsey has a vow it swears by: "Prepare with care."

And that's exactly what the vendor, which began servicing our campus at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, and Brooks' dining hall staff does with each daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and special event served in our Wilder Dining Hall.

View the daily dining hall menu

Featuring fresh, local food made from scratch, the menu is ever changing within set categories of:

vegetarian soup
vegetarian salad
featured entree
vegetarian entree
"healthier choice" (less than 350 calories and 5 grams of fat)
vegetables & accompaniments

Students enjoy bi-weekly seated lunch together in the fall and spring. With assigned-table seating, each gathering gives classmates who may not already know each other well a chance to socialize.

Sample Daily Menus

Fresh fruit & yogurt bar
Steel-cut oats bar
Scrambled eggs & fried eggs
Sausage gravy & biscuits
Grilled potatoes with onions
House-baked banana bread

Chunky tomato dill soup
Soup du jour
Tomato, basil, mozzarella salad
Garlic potato salad
Gyro bar (beef and chicken)
Tzatziki sauce
Blackened portobello mushroom salad
Baked potato bar
Mediterranean kale

Caesar salad
Oven-baked fried chicken
Tortellini with marinara sauce
Roasted chicken
White rice
Roasted haricot verts
Farmer's market vegetables
Soft rolls
Ice-cream cookie sandwiches

Fresh fruit & yogurt bar
Steel-cut oats bar
Scrambled eggs
Egg-and-cheese wraps
Sausage patties
House-baked muffins

Cream of mushroom soup
Soup du jour
Asian lettuce wrap bar
Teriyaki chicken wraps with lettuce leaves, tortillas, ginger aioli
Szechuan tofu wraps
Beef-and-noodle salad
White rice
Carrots with spiced yogurt
Asian slaw
Banana pudding

Cream of mushroom soup
Chef-carved London broil
White beans, tomato & pesto
Rosemary turkey cutlets, gravy
Roasted potatoes
Caramelized spicy green beans
Farmer's market vegetables
Warm Parkerhouse rolls
Pie bar a la mode

Snack Shop

During hours when the dining hall is closed, students may visit the Snack Shop.

Conveniently located one floor below the dining hall within the Student Center, the space offers snacks, treats, coffee and beverages as well as seating.

I love the fruit-infused water and the smoothie bar.
Food is fresh. Service is excellent.

responses to dining hall survey

DIY Sides

In addition to the always-changing menu, Brooks' Wilder Dining Hall features the following self-serve stations:

  • Pasta bar
  • Cereal bar
  • Salad bar
  • Gluten-free breads and desserts fridge
  • Soft-serve ice cream machine
  • Coffee, latte and hot chocolate maker
  • Fresh fruit table

*A dining hall staff member prepares the make-your-own sandwich or wraps with the items that students select.