Brooks School Commitment to Diversity and Equity

To achieve our mission “to provide the most meaningful educational experience our students will have in their lives,” Brooks School is building a community where each one of us need not hide behind a mask, and can feel valued and affirmed in our true identity. These identifiers include race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, religion, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, learning styles, family structure, language and geographic place of origin.

We believe a diverse community enriches the lives of each member, and in this spirit we welcome individuals who support these values. We strive to assure that our students, in all of the physical and virtual aspects of Brooks School, will see themselves reflected in our curricula and in the faces of our trustees, administrators, teachers, and staff. We work to create a school where we are able to recognize our similarities and differences and where each individual has a voice to engage in courageous conversations with mutual empathy and respect.

We acknowledge the aspirations of this statement and the challenges of working together toward equity. We welcome these challenges and commit ourselves to creating a school that embraces the full identity of each of our students, their families, and all of our employees.

campus Affinity & Interest Groups

Asian & Asian-American Alliance (AAA)
AAA is an affinity & interest group for students who identify as Asian and/or Asian-American or students who want to learn more about various Asian cultures represented on campus and across the world. Advisor: Deanna Stuart

Alianza Latina (AL)
Alianza is an affinity group for students who share Latinx or Hispanic heritage. Advisors: Lillian Miller, Peter Neissa

Black Students Union (BSU)
BSU is an affinity group for any student who identifies as Black, African or African-American. Advisors: Shaunielle McDonald, Jose Powell

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
GSA functions as both an affinity group for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community and an interest group for people who wish to serve as allies and friends to community members. Advisors: Rebecca Binder, Kenneth Griffith, Steph Holmes

International Club (IC)
IC serves as an interest group for students and community members wanting to learn more about global communities. Advisor: Reid Wyatt

Jewish Students’ Organization (JSO)
JSO functions as an affinity group for Jewish students, observant and non-observant to gather and be in community and celebration of their shared heritage as well as to advocate on behalf of Jewish community members. Advisors: Dusty Richard, Jenelle Ries

Students Embracing Culture (SEC)
SEC serves as an interest group for students to engage in programming and discussions to learn more about varied perspectives and the experiences of people across different segments of the population. Advisor: Shaunielle McDonald

Women Incorporated (WINC)
WINC serves as an affinity group for female identified students to engage in work and discussions pertaining to gender equality. Advisor: Gage Dobbins

Students welcome their grandparents and special friends to campus for a morning of events. Highlights include classes with grandchildren, family photos, lunch in Wilder Dining Hall and a reception at the Head of School's house. Visit our event page to RSVP and see all the details.

Motivational speaker Travis Roy, who was paralyzed during a college hockey game accident, will share with students his inspiring story of surviving spinal cord injury, living as a quadriplegic and becoming a disability advocate. Roy is the author of "Eleven Seconds: A Story of Tragedy, Courage & Triumph."

Please join us for this annual dinner, where parents and faculty connect and reconnect. Café Azteca is located at 180 Common Street in Lawrence, MA. We look forward to seeing you!

The Day of Silence is a nationwide student-led event where students take a vow of silence to highlight the effects of harassment and silencing of LGBTQ+ people at school. Nearly four out of five LGBTQ+ students around the country don't see positive LGBTQ representation in their curriculum and nearly nine in 10 experience verbal harassment, and almost a third miss school because they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Brooks students may opt to participate in this day of silence and gather at the end of the school day in the Chapel to break their silence together.

Brooks welcomes a guest speaker to the annual Chapel service that remembers the late Katherine (Kippy) Liddle and honors outstanding achievements, accomplishments and the character of female athletes at Brooks. The Brooks community gathers each year to pay tribute to Liddle, a Brooks history teacher, assistant crew coach and dorm parent who died while protecting the life of a student during a boating accident in 1984.

Community Stories

Diversity Leadership Council

The Office of Diversity Initiatives supports a number of programs and clubs on campus with the goal of increasing our community wide understanding of various experiences and perspectives. The collaborative work of adults and students increases our awareness and practice as an inclusive institution working towards our school’s mission statement which inspired our Commitment to Diversity and Equity. In development is a diversity strategic plan that will guide us in decision making and enable us to evaluate our progress. Among our tasks, the council:

  • works in collaboration with the Director of Diversity Initiatives
  • leads adults in conversation and helps guide students and faculty in multicultural education
  • assists in the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body and faculty
  • promotes empathy and cultural understanding in our classes, teams, dorms, even choice of plays
  • provides access to resources and training for multicultural education to the members of our community