Diversity Leadership

The Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) supports a number of programs, groups, and clubs on campus with the goal of increasing our community-wide understanding of various experiences and perspectives. The collaborative work of adults increases our awareness and practice as an inclusive institution working towards our school’s mission statement

Below is an alphabetical listing of the DLC members, including their professional title and affinity-group affiliation:

Diversity Leadership Council

DLC Committees:

Student Life 
Chair: Dean of Community Life Ashley Johnston 
Dean of Students Willie Waters 
Director of Student Wellness Steph Holmes
Self in Community Teacher Shami Bery 
Director of Publications, English Teacher Rebecca Binder

Chair: Interim Curriculum Coordinator, History Teacher Joanna McDonough
Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs Susanna Waters
Spanish Teacher, Endowed Chair Lillian Miller
English Teacher Sarah D’Annolfo
Self in Community Teacher Pascale Musto 

Employee Affairs
Chair: Chair of Arts Department Babs Wheelden
History Teacher Michael Veit
Chair of World Languages Department Peter Neissa
Associate Head of School for Faculty Affairs John McVeigh 

External Affairs
Chair: Director of Multicultural Affairs and Outreach Kenya Jones 
Assistant to the Head of School, Director of Special Projects Mary Ellen Yates
Director of Institutional Advancement Gage Dobbins
Associate Director of Admission/Director of Financial Aid, NTE Pat Foley 
Associate Director of College Counseling Brenna Kelly

*John Packard, Cristina Antelo, and Belisario Rosas will attend full DLC meetings

Board of Trustees' 2020-2021
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Cristina E. Antelo ’95 (Co-chair)
Belisario A. Rosas P’15, P’21 (Co-chair)

Cheryl M. Duckworth P’22, P’23
Nancy C. Ferry P’21
Steven R. Gorham ’85, P’17, P’21
Booth D. Kyle ’89
Sally T. Milliken ’88, P’22, P’24
John R. Packard P’18, P’21
Juliane G. Spencer ’93

Gage Dobbins*
Ashley Johnston*
Kenya Jones*
Lillian Miller*
Peter Neissa*
Michael Veit*
Mary Ellen Yates*

*denotes non-trustee

Campus Affinity Groups

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)
The Asian Student Alliance is an association made up of students of Asian descent at Brooks School. Through on- and off-campus events, ASA will come together in a variety of ways to celebrate and support Asian students at Brooks.

Alianza Latina (AL)
Alianza is an affinity group for students who share Latinx or Hispanic heritage.

Black Students Union (BSU)
BSU is an affinity group for any student who identifies as Black, African or African-American. 

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
GSA functions as both an affinity group for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community and an interest group for people who wish to serve as allies and friends to community members.  

Women Incorporated (WINC)
WINC serves as an affinity group for female identified students to engage in work and discussions pertaining to gender equality.