Congratulations to Brooks School's Class of 2019!

Read on to see the winners of this year's prizes and watch video of the speeches from the May 26-27 Commencement Weekend


Prize Day, May 27

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Sixth-Form Speaker: Martin Li ’19

Sixth-Form Prizes

THE REVEREND GEORGE F. VOUGHT PRIZE — awarded by the Head of School to honor a member of the faculty in his or her first few years of teaching who has made special contributions to the School and has exhibited notable professional growth: Amanda Julianne Nasser 

THE TRUSTEES PRIZE — awarded by the faculty to any member of the school community who has served beyond the call of duty: Amolina Atul Bhat '19

THE FACULTY PRIZE — given by George C. Haas and awarded annually to a student who has made outstanding contributions to the life of the school: Connor Matthew Silva '19 

THE HEAD OF SCHOOL'S PRIZE — given in memory of George B. Case, Jr.: Jadie DeLeon '19

Lawn Ceremony, May 26

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Student Speaker on the Arts: Yan Si' 19


THE GEORGE A. TIRONE PRIZE — awarded by Mrs. Randolph Muto, in memory of her father, to a middle school student who shows unusual promise in the Visual Arts: Arooj Kamran '21 


THE RUSSELL MORSE PRIZE — awarded to an upper school student who has made distinguished contributions to the visual arts at Brooks: Grace Hawkins Handy '19

THE PARKMAN PRIZE IN DRAMA — given in memory of Terry Parkman to a student who has worked long and hard backstage with no thought of any reward: Gabrielle Xiu Stuart '19

THE KNOWLTON DRAMA PRIZE — given in memory of Warren Knowlton '67 and awarded to a member of the Brooks community who has shown those qualities of loyalty and devotion to drama, and versatility and enthusiasm in work before and behind the scenes, that were typified by Warren Knowlton: Katherine Maeve O'Brien '19

THE MUSIC PRIZE — awarded in recognition of dedicated, long-term study of an instrument or voice that has resulted in the highest level of musical performance in the graduating class (two recipients in 2019): Katherine Maeve O'Brien '19 (vocal) and Mathias Tankersley '19 (instrumental)


Student Speaker on Athletics: Brooke Winters Robinson '19

THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL LEAGUE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE —recognizing a female athlete and male athlete at each ISL school for exhibiting the ISL ideals of integrity, sportsmanship, fair play and good citizenship while participating as a multi-sport athlete during their ISL career: Nicholas Stephen Fulgione '19 and Ashley Susan Houlihan '19

THE ATHLETIC PRIZE — an annual award to two sixth-formers who, in the opinion of coaches, have distinguished themselves in sportsmanship and athletic ability, and whose achievements have demonstrated an outstanding record in the athletic life at Brooks: Owen Borek '19/Michael Rudd Hughes '19 and Caroline Joy Kukas '19

THE KERRI ANN KATTAR PRIZE — awarded annually by the faculty to that member of the graduating class who, by her warmth and generosity of spirit to others, by her outstanding contribution to Brooks athletics, and by her presence alone, has added that precious quality of kindness for which we remember Kerri Ann Kattar: Sabrina Grace Gribbel '19

THE FRANK D. ASHBURN ATHLETIC AWARD— given by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cogswell to honor an outstanding individual or team performance in which intangible, extra qualities have added a special flavor to the school: Girls 1st Field Hockey

academic awards

Student Speaker on Academics: Spencer Sidney Pierce '19

THE PUBLICATIONS PRIZE — awarded to a student whose diligence, devotion and skill have contributed significantly to the successful production of a Brooks publication, given this year to: Emily Hye In Choe '20/Yan Si '19

THE WILDER SPEAKING PRIZE — given by John G. and H. Todd Cobey Jr.: Hongru Chen '22

THE EDMUND SAMUEL CARR PRIZE IN LATIN — Katherine Elizabeth Warren '19

THE SPANISH PRIZE — Charlotte Jane Marks '19


THE CHARLES C. COTTINGHAM CLASS OF 2008 CHINESE PRIZE — to be awarded annually to a student who has exhibited an enthusiasm and appreciation for the Chinese language and culture: Anh Tram Tran '19

THE A.G. DAVIS PHILIP PRIZE — given by the science department to an individual who has demonstrated an interest in and who shows considerable promise in science: Jason Milton Silverman '21

THE RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE MEDAL — for excellence in mathematics and science: Emily Hye In Choe '20

THE JOHN J. CABRAL PRIZE— given to the Brooks student who has shown a high degree of interest in physics and for the depth of involvement in the subject: Sarah Mary Fleischman '19




THE HOWELL VAN GERBIG, JR. PRIZE— given for the best essay on the development of political institutions, for her paper titled “The Politics of Pollution,” goes to: Jessica Rose Cohen '19

THE RICHARD K. IRONS PRIZE — for the best essay on a pressing problem in American history or international relations, for her essay titled, "Rembrandt's Paintings: Vulgar Nudes or Simply Naked?": Anh Tram Tran '19

THE MICHAEL W. MCCAHILL PRIZE IN HISTORY— awarded to a sixth-form student who has demonstrated a love for the discipline by taking a wide and rigorous program in history, a mastery of analytical thinking and writing, an enthusiasm for the craft of historical research, a delight in the exploration and exchange of ideas, and an empathy for the human condition: Yinlan Zhang '19

THE E. GRAHAM WARD ENGLISH PRIZE — awarded to a student who has demonstrated a love of literature in all of its forms. This student is a talented reader and writer gifted with the ability to respond to literature both analytically and creatively: Katherine Elizabeth Warren '19

THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY CLUB OF NEW ENGLAND PRIZE — awarded to a fifth-former who has demonstrated an ability to combine academic achievement, personal character, extra-curricular contribution to the school, and accomplishment in and dedication to a field of interest meriting personal recognition: Nicholas George Carabatsos '20

THE HARVARD CLUB OF THE MERRIMACK VALLEY PRIZE— awarded by the Harvard Club of the Merrimack Valley to a fifth-former nominated by the faculty for high academic achievement, leadership, and active participation in school affairs: John Elliot Fritz '20

THE PHILLIPS BROOKS PRIZE — donated by the Phillips Brooks Society, and awarded by the school minister in memory of the Reverend George Frederick Vought to a sixth-former who, during their time at the school, has followed in the path of Phillips Brooks by offering constant love, exemplary service and good humor to the community and by setting a high standard for others: Lirianna Valerio '19

THE OSCAR M. ROOT PRIZE— given by Morgan H. Harris, Jr. to a member of the Brooks community who, during the year, has exemplified certain characteristics with which Oscar M. Root for many years enriched life at Brooks. These characteristics include excellence in the sciences, devotion to nature study, and a sense of humor which provided a rare overview of life: Caitlin Rose Peirce '19

THE JOLENE AND STEPHEN C. EYRE PRIZE FOR SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENT— this prize is awarded each year to the ranking scholar in the sixth form: Anh Tram Tran '19


THE MALCOLM G. CHACE III PRIZE — awarded to a third-, fourth- and fifth-former who, in the judgment of the head of school, has made the most personal progress during the year: Rayden T. Waweru '22, Amma Boamah-Appiah '21, Mathew William Costantino '20

THE ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY PRIZE — awarded to a fifth-former who has displayed a significant commitment to community service: Daniela Reyes '20

THE LEONARD S. PERKINS PRIZE — awarded by the faculty to that member of the fifth-form who makes an outstanding contribution to the life of the school: Madeline Stone Hesse '20

THE GEORGE B. BLAKE PRIZE — awarded in recognition of extended voluntary and generous service to others: Colin George Khater '19

THE KILBORN BOWL — given by Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kilborn for the greatest all-around improvement: Victoria Elizabeth Haghighi '19

THE WILLIAM R. FERRIS, JR. PRIZE — given by Howell van Gerbig in honor of William R. Ferris ’60, and awarded to a sixth-form student who stands out among their peers on account of the depth and range of their intellectual curiosity, energy and creativity. A nominee for this prize is presented to the faculty by the six faculty members who hold endowed chairs: Anh Tram Tran '19

THE HEADMASTER EMERITUS PRIZE — given by the faculty for any reason it considers appropriate: Andrew Edward James Chidi Iferenta '19

THE HARVEY P. HOOD PRIZE — awarded in recognition of special interests such as working with young children, making things with one’s hands, and in memory of a lively, gentle view of life: Martin Nicholas Graham '19

THE ALLEN ASHBURN PRIZE— given by the late James D. Regan and awarded each year by the faculty for any purpose it deems suitable: Tianshu Wang '19

THE RUSSELL PRIZE— given by the late Richard S. Russell and awarded by the faculty for an outstanding single contribution to the life of the community: Katherine Maeve O'Brien '19

THE DUNNELL PRIZE — given by the faculty in honor of Jacob Dunnell and William W. Dunnell III, who jointly gave 57 years of dedicated service to their students and the school, is awarded to a sixth-former who has worked without fanfare to better the school: Sarah Mary Fleischman '19

THE THOMAS PERKINS BROOKS, JR. PRIZE — given in memory of Ensign Brooks who was lost in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and awarded annually by the faculty to a member of the sixth-form who, during their career at Brooks, has met certain requirements of development, leadership and responsibility: Lawilliam Deonte Stevens '19

2018-2019 PREFECTS

  • Amolina Bhat
  • Max Chaban
  • Caroline Cutter
  • Ashley Houlihan
  • Amanda Monahan
  • Mitchell Nenninger
  • LaWilliam Stevens
  • Mathias Tankersley
  • Tianshu Wang

Senior Prefects:
Jadie De Leon
Connor Silva

2019-2020 PREFECTS

  • Anoosha Barau
  • Nick Carabatsos
  • Emily Choe
  • John Fritz
  • Camden Greenwood
  • Nikki Iamonaco
  • Joel Moya
  • Olu Oladitan
  • Daniela Reyes
  • Samuel Thomson

Senior Prefect: 
Brooke Cordes


Class of 2019

Taylor Marie Berberian
Amolina Atul Bhat
Tyler Joseph Bodette
Owen Borek
Jirayu Burapacheep
Anthony Hosea Burnett Jr.
Tucker William Callahan
Noah Jacob Camin
William Meade Carey
Maxwell Harrison Chaban
Edward Geon Young Choi
Jessica Rose Cohen
Caroline Elisabeth Cutter
Jadie DeLeon
Anicia Rodrigues Depina
William Alexander Earley
Sarah Mary Fleischman
Brandon Paul Fogarty
Nicholas Stephen Fulgione
Nikolas Alexander George
Benjamin Dae Gill
Martin Nicholas Graham
Sabrina Grace Gribbel
Victoria Elizabeth Haghighi
Maryna Elizabeth Hajdukiewicz
Grace Hawkins Handy
Benjamin Francis Heinze
Ashley Susan Houlihan
Michael Rudd Hughes
Andrew Edward James Chidi Iferenta
Axidi Iglesias
Brian Byung Hun Kang
Deven Singh Kanwal
Reilly Alexandra Karger
Andrew Winston Kempe
Colin George Khater
Tiffany Zoe Koay
William Joseph Koslo III
Caroline Joy Kukas
Mia Catherine LaPlante
Jacklyn Sarah Lappin
Darya Isabel Lee
Martin Li
Nicholas Li
John Patrick Marcos
Charlotte Jane Marks
Naimah Lauren McDonald
Rylan Pearson McGinn
Nicholas James Miller
Amanda Leigh Monahan
Jack Ryan Murphy
Elliott James Nelson
Mitchell Jeremiah Nenninger
Katherine Maeve O'Brien
Jack Reid O'Connell
Caroline Grace O'Keefe
Kailey Marie O'Neill
Lila Elizabeth Page
Nicco Anthony Pastore
Caitlin Rose Peirce
William Myles Pember
Spencer Sidney Pierce
Pawin Pokachaiyapat
Jordan Joseph Price
Alexandra Rae Prokopis
Elena Scarlett Ranalli
Brooke Winters Robinson
Zachary William Rogers
Louisa d'Andelot du Pont Rose
Jonathan Warren Shaw
Madeline Marie Shea
Yan Si
Percival Albert Sibanda
Connor Matthew Silva
Lawilliam Deonte Stevens
Gabrielle Xiu Stuart
Duncan Robert Sutherland
Jackson Howard Tallas
Mathias Tankersley
Anh Tram Tran
Claire Olivia Trustey
Lirianna Valerio
Lucia Alexandria Verdone
Colin Richard Voloshin
Tianshu Wang
Katherine Elizabeth Warren
Katherine Eileen Wilson
Doris Pak Yan Wong
Ho Mei Alissa Wong
Marcus Long Kit Wong
Connor William Wright
Dokyung Yang
Caroline Schoolfield Yonce
Abigail Grace Zerbey
Yinlan Zhang