An independent activity exempts a student from participation in one of the activity offerings for a season. An independent may be granted to a fifth- or sixth-form student in good academic, disciplinary (including attendance) standing who meets the following criteria:

  • A student is a nationally ranked athlete or has been fully involved with a program prior to attending Brooks in sports not offered at Brooks (horseback riding, fencing, Irish step dancing, ski racing, etc.).
  • As per ISL by-laws, “athletes may not receive credit for participating in a sport for more than one season in an academic year.”
  • A student is a performer or has been fully involved with a music or art program and can continue with his/her training outside of school or at the supervision of a Brooks faculty member.  A final project, performance or exhibit is required at the end of the season.
  • Each independent activity must have some component by which a student “gives back” to the Brooks community.
  • As per ISL by-laws, a student will not be granted an independent activity in a sport which Brooks offers.
  • If there is not an exercise component to the independent project, the student must work a fitness component into their schedule a minimum of three times a week.

In rare cases a third- or fourth-form student may be granted an independent if he/she is nationally ranked or proven elite in a specific sport or activity. Applications for independents must be submitted and reviewed by a committee for approval.