Flex Option

Occasionally a student may be interested in pursuing his/her passion at a higher level outside of Brooks. Flexibility may be afforded to that student using the following guidelines:

  • The student is involved in an established program outside of Brooks School.
  • The student participates in both the outside program and a Brooks School program, giving more days to the school program than to the outside one (Flex option is for 1 or 2 days).

  • Students will only be granted a Flex Option in one season per year.

  • Flex Option participation does not replace the requirement to participate in a full season of an interscholastic sport for third, fourth or fifth formers. Fifth formers must participate in two team offerings in the non-flex season. Sixth formers must participate in at least one team offering in a non-flex season.

  • The student must remain in good academic and disciplinary (including attendance) standing.

  • The student will not be excused from a Brooks School required activity in order to attend a flex option activity. This includes required evening activities.

Flex Option proposals must be submitted and reviewed by a committee for approval.