2020 Afternoon Activities

We're excited to offer a selection of new opportunities during our afternoon program for fall. Our goal is to provide a meaningful afternoon experience for each student, and with that in mind, we have created a program that gives even more options and choices than ever before. 

These changes are currently only in effect for the fall of 2020, although some of our new programs will become permanent offerings. If you have any questions, please contact Director of Athletics Bobbie Crump-Burbank at athletics@brooksschool.org.


The ISL has determined that it will not offer a traditional slate of games this fall. Although we have not entirely ruled out the possibility of playing any games, we are not anticipating having the opportunity to compete with other ISL schools this fall. We will continue to monitor Massachusetts trends, state regulations, and our school's comfort level as safety is our priority.

Both the ISL and NEPSAC have relaxed their rules for out-of-season coaching and are allowing winter and spring coaches to work with their student-athletes in skills training during the fall season. We will be taking advantage of this opportunity.


Afternoon programs will meet six days a week. Traditional fall activities will form the Base Options for our program. All students are required to participate in one Base Option. Students can choose to participate in a Base Option activity six days a week.

We have added new programs to our fall Base Option, including Disc Golf, Fitness (sixth form only), Outdoor Club, and Skateboarding.

In addition to our Base Option, we have a list of Two-Day options, which students can choose from to design their afternoon program schedule. Two-Day Options include:

  • Winter and spring interscholastic sports.
  • Two levels of programming in crew, squash, and tennis, offering students an opportunity to try something new before signing up for a full season.
  • A variety of new options, both physical and scholastic.

Online students are encouraged to participate in our afternoon program.
Program titles that contain an asterisk (*) are available to our online students.


FALL (Six-Day, Four-Day, or Two-Day Option — depending on other choices):

  • * Cross Country
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

WINTER (Two-Day Option):

  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Squash
  • Wrestling (fitness only)

SPRING (Two-Day Option):

  • Baseball
  • Crew
  • Crew — Learn to Row
  • Golf (Pending permission to go off campus)
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Tennis


During the first couple of weeks this fall, our outdoor pool will be open. We will be offering a program designed for students who want to learn to swim or improve their swim ability. Mr. Moccia will be leading this activity that will be incredibly beneficial for any student who is interested in becoming more comfortable in the water. 

This activity allows you to take advantage of beautiful Lake Cochichewick during the afternoons in the fall. Open to both beginners and students with experience on the waterfront, the activity will center around the use of canoes and single and double kayaks.

New to Brooks this year, thanks to Mr. Davis, is our disc golf course. Created this summer across our 270-acre campus, our students will be able to participate in this fun and challenging sport! Here is a short video if you are not familiar with the sport.

A socially distant play? Absolutely! As the famous line goes, "The show must go on!" Join other artists, technicians and performers to create a production that speaks to the current world and brings the community together. 

Brooks School is establishing an esports program. We will begin by evaluating individual and group talents, identifying our strengths, and determining groups of one or two esports. Potential esports include League of Legends, DOTA, and Overwatch, amongst others. Necessary to success in esports is an ability to work as a team, think critically, and communicate strategically. As we develop these skills, we will look to create a fun and competitive intramural esports scene.

This afternoon program with Mrs. Charpentier is open to students with little or no fitness experience and is designed to develop a lifelong awareness of the importance of fitness in one's life. This supportive and collaborative group will set individual and group goals, track progress, and encourage each other. The group will also facilitate conversations about other fitness topics such as sleep, hydration, and nutrition.

Leadership Lab will be facilitated by Mr. McVeigh and will offer students the opportunity to develop and practice core leadership skills in a team setting and have fun while they do it. Students often say they want to lead but aren't always sure how. Tthis is a chance to learn! Teams of students will participate in a series of exercises and simulations designed to create the urgency and uncertainty that often accompanies real-life leadership challenges. Students will also have the opportunity to work on their own leadership approaches (it could be as a school prefect, or team captain, or club leader, or dorm prefect, or just organizing/running their own a non-profit fundraiser) and analyze their own actions to build greater self-awareness, skill, and confidence. 

Ms. Musto asks: Do you want to learn about countries around the world? Are you interested in practicing diplomacy and public speaking skills? Then Model UN is a perfect activity for you. In Model UN, we simulate the UN discussing issues of pressing concern around the world. Each student or student group represents a country, researches that country's opinion about an issue, and then as a group, we debate, compromise, gather support, and write resolutions to shape the UN's policy. Discussion topics can range from responses to the pandemic by the WHO, to climate change or how to handle refugees or assist in settling international disputes. So if you like politics, history, or learning about different cultures, join Ms. Musto for afternoons of research, debating, and role-playing. 

Ms. Brennen asks: We are situated on 270 beautiful acres, stretching along Lake Cochichewick, but how many acres have you explored? The afternoon activity she's leading will provide an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of our WHOLE campus. It will provide time for reflection and recharging away from the classrooms and dorm rooms. Daily activities might include: walks on the trails by the lake; exploring, identifying and labeling the many tree species on our campus; meditation in peaceful spots; trail clean up; learning about conservation and keeping Lake Cochichewick healthy; building rock cairns. The point is to get outside and appreciate our amazing woods, fields, and waterfront.

Mr. Dobbins and Mr. Benson will be heading the Outdoor Club, which will offer students the chance to participate in outdoor activities in and around campus. Our group leaders will help expose students to new outdoor opportunities while providing the opportunity to gain new skills! Activities may include: Mountain Biking, including trail design and maintenance, rock climbing/bouldering, canoeing and fishing (conventional and/or fly)

Mr. Nagel, a new member of the Arts Department, will lead this afternoon program designed to help skaters of all abilities master the basics of street and transition skateboarding. Individualizing lessons will ensure that beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters will always have something to learn. Throughout the season, the new modular skatepark will be rearranged in different and creative ways so that it is always fun and exciting. Rainy days will be spent learning about the mainstream and underground history of skateboarding, designing and building new ramps, and watching both classic and contemporary skateboard films.

Mrs. McDowell and Ms. Rios-Moya want to know: Do you want to use your voice to produce a change in our community? Are you a Tedx Talk fanatic? Is there a speech you heard in the past that you would like to twist and present? Are you into Slam poetry? Would you like to learn how to present something to others in an effective manner? If so, join them in Speech and Debate: All students are welcome. No experience is required.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Skinner '08 will be our new strength and conditioning coach. Mr. Skinner is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and working toward becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

  • Fall Fitness will be offered this year and is open to VIth formers who are not signed-up for fitness during the winter or spring seasons.
  • All teams will have the opportunity to train with Mr. Skinner this fall.
  • Mr. Skinner will be available to set up individual plans upon request.

There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff, whether you are interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, business, or public relations! This activity is an opportunity to work together to produce a memoir of our school year together. In addition to designing pages, students will help set the theme, capture student life, Think of the pride you will feel when the bound book arrives in your mailbox. The yearbook is a great way to meet new friends, express yourself creatively, and create a gift for all members of our school community.

This fall, Mr. Griffith will lead our yoga program. Mr. Griffith has over a decade of experience in different yoga styles and has a particular interest in yoga for health & wellness, fitness-based, and mindfulness. Mr. Griffith has studied yoga devoted to increasing mobility, which can be particularly helpful to athletes and people looking to become more flexible. Yoga will be both an in-person and virtual option.

Program titles that contain an asterisk (*) are available to our online students.