We Are All In This Together, Pulling For Brooks!

Dear Parents,

Brooks Together is an eight-week Brooks Fund campaign for current parents. It runs from the end of September to Thanksgiving break, and it is an intensive appeal for unrestricted annual fund support.

Brooks Together has an immediate and lasting impact on Brooks’ ability to meet its financial goals every year. The Brooks Fund covers up to 10 percent of Brooks’ operating budget. Through a collaborative effort — parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and faculty — we can meet this obligation head on.

More importantly, Brooks Together establishes a finite time period in which we ask for parent participation. We pledge to you that we will only ask for your support once during a prescribed time period, and we will respect that you’d like to spend the rest of your time concentrating on what is truly important: your child.

As Head of School John Packard explained during a prior Brooks Together launch,

You’re not going to hear from us during the course of the year
that you have to give to the Brooks Fund because you have to,
or because it’s your duty or your obligation. We’re asking you to do it
because we’re going to do great work with your kids.

And as you think about the Brooks Fund, he added, “Know at the beginning, please, that we ask for your support with great humility, with great appreciation for what you do to make this education accessible to your children…We ask that you think about more by the virtue of the experience that you’ve having and [the knowledge] that we will take good care of any support that you choose to share.”

We look forward to building this shared culture of philanthropy — together.

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By The Numbers

Goal Amount FY18: $1,000,000
Amount Raised FY17: $1,108,086
Amount Raised FY16: $ 978,542

Participation Goal FY18: 82%
Participation Achieved FY17: 73%
Participation Achieved FY16: 79%

As Of Date: 8/28/17