School Contacts

Below is a reference guide to help determine who best to contact in any given situation. 



The advisor is usually your first contact for general information about your child. You should contact your child’s advisor if you have:

  • questions about your child’s overall progress in any area of school life, the classroom, dormitory or activities.
  • background information that the advisor and school would benefit from knowing.
  • questions about your child’s course of study, grade report or academic progress.


Contact Director of Student Affairs Ingrid Knowles (978) 725-6285 if you have:

  • general questions about the advisor system. 
  • questions about student leadership.
  • questions, concerns or suggestions regarding student programming.
  • taken all the appropriate steps listed (under advisor, student affairs team members, coach, etc.) and still desire to speak with someone else, especially about a student life issue.

Contact Associate Director of Student Affairs Cora MacKenzie (978) 725-6330 if you have:

  • questions about the discipline system in general or as it pertains to your child.
  • questions about residential life. 
  • questions about the permission system, weekends and general attendance. 

Contact Assistant Director of Student Affairs Erik Krahn (978) 725-6328 if you have:

  • questions about weekend activities.
  • questions about the permission system, weekends and general attendance.



Contact Dean of Academic Affairs Currie Joya Huntington (978) 725-6245 if you have:

  • broad questions about the school's academic philosophy and curriculum, or an academic department.
  • questions or concerns about student course placement or academic schedule.
  • questions or concerns about the school calendar or textbooks and materials.
  • communicated with the student's advisor and still wish to speak with someone else about a student academic issue.
  • background information (related to academic issues) that the school or a teacher might benefit from knowing.

Contact Dean of Teaching and Learning Joanna McDonough (978) 725-6324 if you have:

  • broad questions about the school's academic philosophy, competency-based education or curriculum.
  • questions or suggestions regarding Winter Term or Students on the Forefront signature programs.
  • questions about the the library curriculum or All Community Read.

Contact Registrar and Director of Administrative Computing Lisa Saunders (978) 725-6255 if you have:

  • need for an official Brooks transcript.
  • follow-up questions about onboarding for new students.
  • questions about OnBrooks, including login issues and questions about enrollment agreements, or any other concerns about accessing school data.

Contact Director of Technology Ryan Dobbins (978) 725-6256 if you have:

  • questions about technology procedures and policies.

Contact Director of College Counseling Andy Campbell (978) 725-6246 if you have:

  • questions regarding the college admission process.
  • the need to discuss your child’s college admission (most of this contact will occur in the fifth- and sixth-form years).
  • questions regarding standardized testing.


Contact Director of Health and Wellness Services Melissa Donais (978) 725-6207 if you have:

  • questions about the school’s overall health and wellness philosophy
  • questions about school health policies and return to campus/play protocols for conditions such as COVID-19, concussions and mononucleosis.
  • already spoken to health and wellness center staff, athletic trainers or counselors and would like to have further discussion.

 Contact Nurse Manager Stephanie Savarese (978) 725-6234 if you have:

  • questions about Magnus Health forms, medication orders or medication management.
  • inquiries regarding your student's nursing care or their day-to-day health needs.
  • information regarding the health of your student or questions about health-related accommodations for acute illness/injuries.

Contact Director of Psychological Counseling Services Kimberly Cratty (978) 725-6228 if you have:

  • information that the school needs to know regarding your child’s emotional health.
  • concerns about the emotional well-being of your child beyond those you would ordinarily discuss with your child’s advisor.


Contact Director of Athletics Andrea Heinze (978) 725-6264 if you have:

  • questions about athletics or afternoon programs.
  • already spoken to your child’s coach and would like to continue the discussion.

Contact Athletic Trainer Lindsey McDowell (978) 725-6227 if you have:

  • questions about an athletic injury, treatment or follow-up.


Contact Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Terri Ofori (978) 725-6283 if you have: 

  • questions about issues pertaining to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Brooks. 


Contact School Minister James Chapman if you have:

  • questions or concerns about the spiritual atmosphere of the school.
  • concerns about the emotional or spiritual well-being of your child beyond those or in addition to those you would ordinarily discuss with an advisor.


Contact Director of Director of Family Engagement Mary Merrill (978) 725-66287 if you have:

  • questions regarding school events, including Family Weekend and other on-campus parent events.
  • questions regarding philanthropic support and volunteer opportunities.

Contact Director of Director of Alumni Relations and Family Programs Sara Bird (978) 725-66287 if you have:

  • questions regarding parent sponsored events for students (special lunch celebrations).
  • interest in parent involvement in affinity group celebrations.
  • alumni networking opportunities.

Contact Director of Communications and Marketing Kate Moran (978) 725-6244 if you have:

  • questions concerning the school’s website and publications.


Contact Acting Head of School Nina Freeman (978) 725-6262) if you have: 

  • questions concerning the overall philosophy and direction of the school.
  • suggestions on how the school could improve its service to its students and families.
  • a need to take a specific issue or concern beyond the communications procedures listed above.
  • have concerns, observations or suggestions about the faculty in general, or specific questions about faculty responsibilities, duties or expectations.

Assistant to the Head of School and Director of Special Projects Mary Ellen Yates if you have:

  • questions concerning the school's commencement weekend.