Join us on campus for an evening with Head of School John Packard P'18, P'21 and other current families.

DATE? Your choice: September 24, October 3, 8 or 17, November 7 
TIME? 6 - 8:30 p.m.
WHERE? The Bowers multipurpose room in The Center for the Arts
WHAT? Conversation, cocktails and dinner

In order to maintain an intimate feel, we will limit each dinner to 40 people. The evenings will be an opportunity to hear from John on the state of the school and meet other families. 

*When registering for an evening, please note that sign up is first-come, first served and that the October 17 dinner is intended for long-distance, boarding parents. 

Questions? Please contact Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Nicole Mallen Jackson '95 at (978) 725-6258 or Director of Institutional Advancement Gage Dobbins P'22, P'23 at (978) 725-6288.

We look forward to seeing you!

​​​​​​​Please choose a date and RSVP below:

See Who's Coming On . . . 

September 24

Jen & Mike Agosti P'23
Sandeep Bansal & Puja Jain P'22
Julie Clements P'16, P'18, P'21 & Judy Appel
Lisa & Karl D'Silva P'20
Cathy & Jim Fair P'22
Barry & Dawn Greenwood P'20
Dagmara & Jaroslaw Jac P22
Sean Leonard P'20, P'22
Belisario & Leslie Rosas P'15, P'21
Vaishali & Harsh Sanchorawala P'21
Christi & Tom Sperry P'23


Marcy Barker & Michael Morrill P'15, P'20
Virginia Brown P'22 & Mark Gonthier
Valerie Colletta P'23
Audrey & John DeSimone P'20
Ravi Devireddy P'23
Barry & Amy Finegold P'22
Kassy & Tom Fritz P'20, P'21
Kevin Hayes & Julie Palo Hayes P'23
Deb & Les Johns P'22
Flo and Noel Johnson P'22
Rich & Amy Lyman P20, P22
Danielle Markee P'22
Stacie & Randall Mayer P'23
Diana & George Nicholson P'23
Fru & Khien Nkimbeng P'23
Robin & Chip O'Neill P'19, P'20, P'23
Eric & Sarah Pflaum P'22
Lourdes & Abel Reyes P'20, P'23
Sean Riley P'20, P'21
Tom & Maureen Scott P'17, P'21
Kevin & Jeannie Sullivan P'22, P'23
Elana & Sam Webb P'23


Julie Barker P'21, P'23
Heather & Dan Beliveau P'22
Renee Anderson Bertos & Michael Bertos P'23
Monica Bou P'21
Jay & Nancy Dawson P'18, P'22
Cheryl & James Duckworth P'22, P'23
Marianne & Robert Fleischman P'19, P'21
Chris & Julie Gatto P'23
Jack & Karen Gierhart P'22
Alison King & Pierce Haley P'22
Jay Hiltz & Soma Templeton P'23
Abby & Ed Johnson P'21
Katherine Kelleher P'12, P'15, P'21
Robin & Mike Malouf P'23
Al & Becky Maitino P'22
Paul Natalizio P'21
Steven & Elise Saks Salhanick P'23
Greg & Sheila Serrao P'15, P'20
Carrie Smotrich & Tom Samoluk P'21
Bill & Denise Wall P'22
Joan & Craig Ziady P'18, P'20, P'22

October 17, for long-distance, boarding families

Tonya Channell P'20
Jayne & Larry Charlamb P'18, P'21
Bindu & Rajeev Chennattu P'22
Semin Chung & Jung Eun Lee P'23
Sarah & Carl Lindvall P'23
Olufunke Oladitan P'20
Rebecca Olamoyegun P'23
Chris & Sylvia Perry P'23
John & Kristin Sheehan P'15, P'17, P'20
Carmel Corbett Wellso P'22
Patrick & Tamara White P'21


Carrie & Greg Burns P'23
Maureen & Eric Buxton P'23
Amy & Jeff Caro P'23
Jodi & John Curtin P'22
Dana & Chris D'Orio P'20, P'21
Susan DeLisle P'23
Greg Dombal & Sara Thatcher P'22
Jane & Laurence Hale P'23
Andrea & Paul Heinze P'18, P'23
Mamta & Ritin Mehra P'22
Paul & Lillian Miller P'14, P'17 & P'20
Michael Myers & Catherine Riedel P'22
Deb & Ray O'Brien P'19, P'22
Mark & Megan Pesce P'23
Ramya Prabhakar & Prabhakar Gowrisankaran P'22
Jeff & Jenn Quinn P'20, P'21
Ellen & Adam Rizika P'21
Bear & Colleen Smith P'23
Steven Spear & Jennifer Marvel P'23
Gina & Jim Wodarski P'23