Parents Committee

As a Brooks School parent, you are a member of the Parents Committee. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, whether you live across the country or down the road. We encourage all parents to attend meetings and volunteer for events, including the annual Community Appreciation Event (shown in the video below), to which many parents contributed.

The Brooks School Parents Committee’s mission is to foster communication and a sense of community between students, faculty and staff, and parents. Our goal is to enhance student experience through the following:

  • Game Day Hospitality
  • Community Appreciation Luncheon
  • Volunteering in Admission Office
  • Prom Snacks
  • Exam Surprise
  • Ghostly Goodies
  • Nutcracker Sweets
  • Valentine’s Day Treats For Your Sweets

Parents meet several times throughout the school year in a variety of ways, and most meeting times coincide with boarding student drop-off or a campus event. New ideas and your input into how we can enhance our current efforts is always welcome and appreciated.


Volunteer Coordinators

Dana D'Orio
Admission Waiting Room
Alec '20, Brendan '21 

Kara Delaney
Admission Waiting Room
Madeline '20, Kathryn '18

Jennifer Quinn
Ghostly Goodies, Nutcracker Sweets, Treats For Your Sweets 
Jack ’20, Lily '21

Sheila Serrao
Decorating for Parents Weekend, Community Appreciation Lunch
Matthew '15, Annie '20
Jeannie Sullivan
Community Appreciation Luncheon
Ellie ’22

Joan Ziady
Ghostly Goodies, Nutcracker Sweets, Treats For Your Sweets 
Adam ’18, Claire '20 and Kendall '22

We could always use more help with our events! Please contact Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Nicole Jackson if you are interested.