School Life

Living at Brooks

While Brooks enjoys a pastoral setting overlooking Lake Cochichewick, it's anything but sleepy. The active campus remains bustling at all hours of the day and into the night.

There are many places for students to hang out during free time, the most popular of which is the student center, which houses the F. Fessenden Wilder Dining Hall, the snack bar, school store and post office. There is a game room and a cozy fireplaced lounge with a big-screen television.

Time spent with friends in dormitories is an important part of the educational experience at Brooks. The school has 10 dormitories, five each for girls and boys. At least two faculty members live in each residence, and dorm prefects are appointed to work with the younger students as they adjust to living away from home. On weeknights and Sunday evening, dorms are quiet for study hours between 8 and 10 p.m. Third-formers have assigned study hall in the Science Forum and sixth-formers are free to study outside of the dorm.

One of the most exciting things about Brooks is the school’s wide range of extracurricular activities, which allows its students to explore new areas of interest outside of the classroom and to further develop those areas in which they already have interest and knowledge. Most activities have faculty advisors with both interest and experience in the area. Every student is free to initiate a new organization or extracurricular activity if such a program does not already exist. Such initiative and responsibility is an important element to leadership training, which occurs both in and out of the classroom.

The list of extracurricular activities varies from year to year, depending on what students are interested in. But long-standing activities include: Art Association, Chess Club, Debate Club, Entertainment Committee, Environmental Club, Gospel Choir, International Student Club, language clubs, literary and photography magazines such as The Bishop, Brooksian newspaper, Gay-Straight Alliance, Math Club, Model U.N., music groups, the radio station, Yearbook, Robotics Club, Students Embracing Culture, singing groups, outdoor programs and peer tutoring.

A variety of weekend activities are also offered, from trips to the movies or to local malls and faculty open houses or Cookie Dough at the Headmaster's House, to dances, coffeehouse entertainment, the annual Lip Sync contest, Casino Night, Drive-In Movie Night, and Woodstock—Brooks-style. On Saturday nights after check-in at 11:00, dorm parents host dorm parties for residents, often serving barbecued hot dogs, pizza or chicken wings.

Day students are encouraged to become involved in the residential life of the school. All-school dinners are held a number of times during the year and day students often spend Saturday nights on campus, sleeping over with a friend in a dorm.
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