All the world is a stage, and studying theatre is the key to better understanding that world stage. By exploring a character, we learn about our own character. When asked to literally walk in another’s footsteps, you learn empathy and what it is like to stand in someone else’s shoes. Theatre and dance teach us about ourselves, while at the same time revealing the world around us. At Brooks, this journey is highlighted by close work with the theatre and dance faculty.
Students are able to work on three main theatre productions each year. The season consists of a play, a musical and a nontraditional project. The nontraditional projects are shows designed to give students opportunities that they would not find in the standard season or at other institutions. For example, students may take on the role of playwright, director or designer, or we may chose to do a selection of works that highlight specific talents that would otherwise go unnoticed. In addition to the main season, several smaller showcases are produced throughout the year. In dance, there are two showings that take place during the fall and spring terms. From improvisational and standup comedy to class scene presentations to the Musical Cabaret, Brooks theatre provides an opportunity for every student at every level.

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