Alumni Events

Boston Regional Reception

Brooks School cordially invites you to our annual Boston Reception. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres | 6 to 8 p.m.
Remarks by Head of School John Packard | 7 p.m.

Boston College Club
100 Federal Street, 36th Floor, Boston

*Please note that you will need a photo ID to enter the building, and that you may not be allowed in if you haven't RSVPed, as this is a federal building. 
After 4 p.m., you may park in Zero Post Office Square Parking Garage across the street for a flat rate of $9.
After 6 p.m., you may park in the parking garage under the building for free. (Parking in this garage will be validated as you enter, but you will need to swipe the ticket upon exiting the garage after the reception).

Boston Host Committee
Seif Abou Eleinen '14
William and Elizabeth Flanagan P’13, P’16, P’18
Jeffrey Longnecker '93
Meredith Mooney '05
Aaron Niles '10
Amy and John Wilson P’19
Sponsoring club members are William and Elizabeth Flanagan P’13, P’16, P’18.

Attire for this event is business casual.

Please RSVP Below.


See Who's Coming


John Packard H'87 P'18 and Kim O'Neill Packard '87 P'18
Bobbie Crump-Burbank P'11 | Director of Athletics 
Ryan Dobbins | Director of Technology and Gage Dobbins | Director of Development 
Bini Egertson P'12, P'15 |  Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Jaime Gilbert '04 | Assistant Director of Admissions | Girls Head Soccer Coach
Moira Goodman P'15, P'17, P'18 | Director of Learning Center, Mathematics
Amy Graham P' 19, P'20 | Arts, Director of the Robert Lehman Arts Center and Mel Graham P'19, P'20 | English 
Jim Hamilton | Associate Head of External Affairs
Andrea Heinze  P'19 | Associate Head for Student Affairs
Alex Konovalchik P'14 P'17 | History and Sheila Konovalchik  P'14 P'17 | Admissions Office Administrative Assistant
Shaunielle McDonald  '94 P'19 | Director of Diversity Initiatives, Director of Community Service     
Leigh Perkins '81, P'14, P'18 | English 
David Price P'17, P'19 | Mathematics 
Justine Rooney  | Science 
Alex Skinner '08 | Admissions Office
Willie Waters | Dean of Students | History 

Erica Callahan P'19, P'20 | Director of Alumni and Parent Events
Jennifer Chiampa | Advancement Office Manager 
Carly Churchill '10 | Assistant Director of Alumni Programs
Kim Fox |  Associate Director of Development
Lisa Zopatti | Director of Annual Giving

Lowell Abbott '07
Kevin Adam '01
Pam Albright P'10, P'16, Trustee
Molly Alvino '15
Eric Amoroso '04
Gary Anderson and Allison Easton P'15 
Karl Arakelian '83 P'18, P'20 and Brooke Arakelian P'18, P20
Kori and Tom Barenboim P'18 
John Barker '87, Trustee
Carl Berni '75 and Anne Berni
Emily Breakey '03 and Ryan Breakey 
Andrew Bruno '13
Michael Bruno '06
Michael Burbank '11
Lexi Caffrey '06
Allison Caffrey  '02
Cailly Carroll '06
Jennifer (Seuss) Carter '92
Brian Charlebois '11
Sara Christopher '06
Gene Clapp 68', P'02
David Cohen '91
Dan Conway '11
Kaitlyn Conway '06 and Nick Rocco 
Charlie Cornish '06
Sarah Crockett '11
Richard Croteau '06
Patrick Curley '69, Trustee
Katarina Curtin '12
Richard Curtin '08
Mark F. D'Annolfo, '77 and Marguerite D'Annolfo
Lloyd Dahmen '92
Greg DelGuidice '08
Julia Demoulas '10
Taylor DiGloria '06
Ronnie Dixon '06
Gary Domoracki '82
Lyndsay Domoracki '13
Steven Domoracki '10
Karl and Lisa D'Silva P'20
Connor Duffey '15
Scott Dufresne '18
Chapin Duke '10
Vivi Duke P'10
Owen Edwards P'20
Alex Early '05
Seiji Engelkemier '15
Chelsey Feole '06 and David Bettencourt
Kathryn Ferlito '12
Phillip Field '05
Brian Fogarty '15
Justin Freeman '13 and Connor Shaugnessy 
Yva Gallant P'18 and Scott Dufresne P'18 and Judith Helm 'GP18
Jeremiah D. Gallington '07
Tory Gardiner '12
Jonathan Gibbons '92, Trustee and Sarah Gibbons 
Matthew and Alison Godoff '01
Tim Goodman P'15, P'17, P'18
Brooks Goodyear '08
Patrick Gordon '13
Dawn Greenwood  P'20
Lai-Sahn Hackett '09
Kathleen Harris and Terry Warzecha P'20
Caroline Hartel '15
Francis Hawkins '06
Val Hollingsworth '72, P'17, Trustee and Carol Hollingsworth P'17
Abby Hooper '12
Kyle Hughes '10
Olivia Hull '09
Ken and Bonnie Hyslip P'13
Jill Maver Ihsanullah P'18
Cliff Irons '63
Kevin Jacobs '06
Stephen Kemper '82, P'18 and Debra Kemper P'18
Alexandra Cain Kenna '92
Olivia King  '10
Nikki Kisner '10
Claudia and Jorge Kluchnik P'15, P'18
Jessica Knopp-Gwynne P'18
Bridget Lahey '10
Paul Lazdowski '96 and Kate Reynolds 
Austin Lee  '06
Jeff Longnecker '93 and JoJo Longnecker 
Hayden Lynch '12
Bill Macy  '63
Phil Marchessault '05
Sara Martin P'17
Annie McClelland ''12
Chris Mercurio '06
Thomas Metcalf '70
Mark C. Miller '63
Andie Missert  '11
Meredith L. Mooney  '05
Matt Mues '04
Rem Myers '77
Joe Napolitano '09
Aaron Niles '10
James O'Connor '99
Henry Peabody '96
Barbara S. Pearson P'99
Ginger Pearson '99
John H. Pearson, Jr. P'99
Sylvia Kimball Perry '87
Jim Pettorelli '91
Nick Potter '12
Niki Price P'17, P'19
Charles Quinn '15
Sean Riley P'20
Delia Rissmiller '03
Samilys Rodriguez '99
Lynda Rogers P'19
Max Romanow '12
Belisario Rosas, Trustee, P'15 and Leslie Rosas P'15
Andres and Nicole Sanchez P'18
Nicola '87 and Whitney Savignano '87, Trustee
Ashley Scott '84, P'11 P'14, Trustee
Taylor Shean '08
Naomi Smith '10
Hobey Stuart '99 and Kristen Stuart 
Kate Sullivan '06
Kristen Sullivan '09
Stephen Taber '72
Caitlin Tamposi '04
Isabella Timon '92, Trustee 
Catherine Truman '85
RJ Tuller '08
Archimedes Valhouli P'91, P'93
Constantine Valhouli '91
Alex Vendola '06
Nithyaa Venkataramani '09
Alexandra Villa '10
Nicholas Vozzella '10
Kelsee Wadas '07
Robert L. Wareham '60 and Darice Wareham
Jamie Waters '04 and Kara Dalton 
Adam Weigold '94
Rob Whirty '09
Brian Wilber '09
Jennifer Wilber P'09
John and Amy Wilson P'19

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