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For the past three years, faculty member Dean Charpentier has been the English Department chair at Brooks, where he lives with his family: wife Lori, Brooks Athletic Director; and his two children, daughter Taylor, 11, and son JP, 7. In addition, Charpentier is the boys’ varsity lacrosse coach, coaches many of Taylor’s and JP’s sports, and writes as much as he can in his free time; his most recent article The Storytellers appeared in The Andovers magazine. He was inspired by words at an early age, marveling at the skill of Tolkien, S.E. Hinton, CS Lewis, Ann Frank, Robert Louis Stevenson and others. He wrote his first manuscript, about a shipwreck, when he was just 9. “Terrible,” he says, “Derivative. But fun!” His favorite time of day is reading time with the family before bedtime; his favorite authors are Denis Johnson, Jonathan Franzen, Alice Munro, John Irving, Annie Proulx, and (still) Tolkien; he’ll watch any film by Ridley Scott or Woody Allen. He graduated from Yale in 1990 and received his master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Suzanne Egertson ’15 is a day student from Andover, Massachusetts. She loves to write and read and has a passion for creative writing and poetry. Suzanne started to love writing in elementary school, using her vivid imagination to build images through words. Besides writing, Suzanne loves to perform on a stage, spend time with friends and family, and travel. She looks forward to a great year working with Still Waters and hopes to put in many submissions herself.

Rachel Feingold ’14 is a day student from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She lives with her parents and her pet pig Gracie. In her spare time, Rachel likes to do yoga, eat sushi, and enjoy the company of her friends. You may often see her relieving her stress with retail-therapy. Rachel has always loved to read in her spare time. With the craziness of a Brooks School schedule, she has had little time to enjoy any pleasure reading. However, Rachel tries to read as much as she can on school breaks and during the summer. Her perfect summer day is spent on the beach, toes in the sand, with a thrilling page turner in her lap. Her favorite books include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Great Gatsby, and The Scorpion King. Although action stories and mysteries fascinate her, Rachel is always eager to pick up a new genre of literature, whether it is fantasy or non-fiction.

Emma Gordon ’14 is a day student from Andover, Massachusetts. She considers herself a bit of a storyteller and an avid (and not at all sketchy) people-watcher. Raised on books ranging from Madeline to Harry Potter and everything in between, Emma’s always been on the more creative side of learning. Apart from words on a page, Emma likes to express stories through song and performance in various music groups and theater. Though far from publishing any of her own characters, she has delved into the realm of using others’ characters to her own benefits and plotlines. She’s a fan of show tunes, Disney movies, an intriguing book, time with family and friends and a good laugh.

Renu Mukherjee ’15 is from North Andover, Massachusetts, where she lives as a day student with her parents and younger sister Monica. Her favorite pastime is reading, and she can often be found in the school library with a good book or a collection of poetry. Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda, and Katia Kapovich are three of Renu’s favorite poets, all of whom have greatly inspired her own work. After reading Kapovich’s poem Hurdles a couple years ago, Renu fell in love with poetry, and it is now her favorite thing to write. In addition, Renu is a member of the girls cross-country team and runs as much as she can in her free time. Her favorite novel is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and she has read the entire Potter series fourteen times. Hermione Granger is Renu’s favorite fictional character; her favorite television show is How I Met Your Mother, and if she could eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be Benson’s Homemade Cookie Dough ice cream.

Kyle Lawrence ’14 is from Andover, Massachusetts, where he lives with his parents and his 15-year-old sister. Kyle’s favorite subjects in school are English and science, and he enjoys playing hockey and spending free time with friends and family. Kyle is inspired to write whenever he reads books, listens to music or watches TV and movies. In addition to creative writing, Kyle is also interested in film production and cinematography. Some of Kyle’s favorite authors include Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King, and his favorite TV shows include Breaking Bad and The Office. Kyle loves to spend time with his dog, Simon, and his favorite food is sushi, especially the types that other people are too afraid to try.

April Mendez ’14 is from Santa Ana, California, where she has spent her entire life before coming to Brooks. At home, she lives with her mother, father, younger sister, 4, younger brother, 13, and two dogs, Mikey and Bean. On campus, April is a part of the Gay-Straight Alliance, Students Embracing Culture and Gardening Club. She has an insane passion for yoga, writing, photography, music and the outdoors. Her favorite part about writing is its capability to move an audience and tell a story. April loves to travel and is unable to sit still. She feels an innate urge to delve into the unexplored and marvel at its hidden beauties.
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