Africa Report (ceased publication 6/1995) 1985 to 1995
*Air and Space 1990 to date
*American Artist 1964 to date
American Birds (ceased publication) 1989 to Spring 1994
*American Heritage 1955 to date; 1984 - 1988 also in Microfiche
*American Historical Review 1931 - 1933; 1939 to date
*American History (formerly American History Illustrated) August 1994 to date
American History Illustrated (title changed to American History) 1991 to 1994
*American Journal of Economics and Sociology 1984 to date Microfiche
*American Libraries June 1990 to date
*American Literature 1963 to date
*American Scholar 1975 to date; Spring 1984 to date Microfiche
*American Theatre July 1995 to date
*Archaeology 1961 to date
*Architectural Record Jan. 1983 to date
*Art in America 1963 to date
*ArtNews 1965 to date
*Atlantic Monthly 1861 - 62, 1959 to date; 1982 to date Microfiche
Atlas (title changed to World Press Review) 1964 - 1971
*Audubon 1965 to date
*Booklist Current school year
*Boston Magazine Current school year
*Business Week 1985 to date
Cambridge Historical Journal 1923 to 1957
*Car and Driver Current school year
Chicago Tribune 1876 Microfilm
*China Quarterly 1985 to date Microfiche
Christianity and Crisis 1975 to 1993 Microfiche
*Christianity Today August 1980 to date Microfiche
*Classical Quarterly September 1987 to date
Classical World 1972 to 1986
*Commentary 1970 to date Microfiche
*Commonweal April 1960 to date Microfiche
*Computer Arts/Computer Arts Special Current school year
*Computers in Libraries July/August 1994 to date
*Congressional Digest 1993 to date; Microfiche
*Conservationist (New York State) 1965 to date
Constitution September 1989 to Spring 1995 (ceased publication)
*Consumer Reports 1989 to date
*Current Health 2 March 1980 to date Microfiche
*Current History 1949 to date
*Daedalus 1955 to date
*Dance Magazine Current school year
Department of State Bulletin (title changed to U.S. Dept. of State Dispatch)
1976 to 1989 Microfiche
*Discover 1980 to date Microfiche
*Double Take 1997 to date
*Down Beat Current year and four years back
*E/ The Environmental Magazine January - August 1993; Feb. 1995 to date
Earth Science 1984 to 1990
*Ebony 1980 to date Microfiche
*Ecologist 1991 to date
*Economist August 1992 to date
*Education about Asia September 1998 to date
*Entertainment Design Current school year
*Environment 1985 to date Microfiche
*Essence Magazine Current school year
*Field and Stream Current school year
*Film Comment 1976 to date Microfiche
*Film Quarterly 1964 to date
Films in Review (publication suspended Jan. 1997) 1971 to 1997
*Forbes 1985 to date
*Foreign Affairs 1941 to date (with gaps) 1985 to date Microfiche
*Foreign Policy 1975 to date Microfiche
Fortune 1930 to 1937
Freedomways 1972 to 1985
*Games Magazine Current school year
*Geomundo Current year and five years back
*Glamour Current School Year
*Golf Digest Current School Year
*G Q Current School Year
*Granta Winter 1996 to date
*Harper’s Magazine 1864 - 1891, 1983 to date
Harper’s Weekly 1857 - 1872
*Harvard Health Letter 1984 to date
*Health Current school year
*Hispanic Current school year
*Historical Journal 1958 to date
*History Today 1955 to date
*The Hockey News Current school year
Horizon (ceased publication) 1958 to March/April 1989
*Horticulture July 1999 to date
Illustration 1914 to 1919
InCider (ceased publication) 1992 to July 1993
*Independent Rowing News Current school year
*Independent School (formerly Independent School Bulletin) September 1982 to date
Independent School Bulletin (title changed to Independent School) 1956 to 1976
*International Wildlife September 1982 to date
*Interview Current school year
*Isis 1984 to date
*Jet Current school year
*Jeune Afrique Current school year
Journal of American Culture 1964 to 1987
*Journal of American History 1964 to date
*Journal of Interdisciplinary History 1970 to date
*Journal of Modern History 1929 to date
Journal of Politics 1968 to 1983
Journal of Popular Culture 1973 to 1992
*Library Journal 1989 to date
Life (Ceased publication May ‘00) 1960 to 1972; 1978 to 2000 Microfiche
London News 1939 to 1945
*Macworld Current school year and 1 year back
*Le Monde Diplomatique Current school year
*Ms. 1982 to 1989; July/August 1994 to date
*Nation 1970 to date Microfiche
*National Geographic 1912 to date
*National Review 1970 to date Microfiche
*National Wildlife 1983 to May 1994; June 1996 to date
*Natural History 1975 to date
New Orleans Times Picayune November 28, 1875 to December 31, 1876 Microfilm
*New Republic 1970 to date Microfiche
*New Scientist 1991 to date
*New Yorker 1989 to date
*Newsweek 1933 - 1935 - Lower level; 1960 to date Microfiche
Omni ( ceased publication 4/28/95 ) Oct. 1985 to March 1995 Microfiche
*Outside April 1995 to date
*Past and Present 1952 to date
*PC World Current school year and 1 year back
*People En Espanol Current school year
*People Current school year
*Philosophy & Public Affairs 1975 to date
*Poetry 1962 to date
Political Science Quarterly 1964 to 1980
*Popular Photography Current year and 2 years back
*Popular Science 1982 to date Microfiche
*Progressive 1975 to date Microfiche
*Psychology Today 1984 to 1989; 1992 to date Microfiche (Not published in 1990, 1991)
*Real Sports Current school year
*Road and Track Current school year
*Rolling Stone Current school year
*Runner’s World Current school year
*Russian Life Current school year
San Francisco Chronicle 1876 Microfilm
Saturday Review 1975 to 1986
*Savoy Current school year
*Science 1964 to date; 1980 to date Microfiche
*SB & F Current school year
*Science News 1978 to date Microfiche
*Scientific American May 1948 to date
*Seventeen Current school year
*Shakespeare Quarterly 1950 - 1962, 1983 to date
*Sierra Current school
*Skiing Magazine Current school year
*Sky & Telescope 1943 - 1953, 1977 to date
*Smithsonian July 1980 to date
*Soccer America Current school year
*Sound & Vision Current school year
*The Sporting News Current school year
*Sports Illustrated Current school year
*Tennis Current school year
*Theater 1996 to date
*Time 1930 to date Microfiche
*United Nations Chronicle 1992 to date Microfiche
*U.S. Department of State Dispatch (title changed from Dept. Of State Bulletin)
1990 to date Microfiche
*US Rowing Current school year
*U.S. News and World Report 1959 to date 1978 to date - Microfiche
Vanity Fair 1874
*Vegetarian Times Current school year
*Video Librarian September 1998 to date
*Vital Speeches of the Day 1976 to date
*Vogue Current school year
*Wired August 1994 to date
*World Press Review 1976 to date Microfiche
*Yahoo! Internet Life Current school year

*The Boston Globe One month
*The Boston Phoenix Three months
*Eagle Tribune One month
*International Herald Tribune Three months
*New York Times Keep paper until fiche arrives (microform and bound issues) 1851 to date
*North Andover Citizen Three months
*USA Today Three months
*Village Voice Three months

Bishop, Bulletin, Eagle, etc. All years (with gaps)
Brooks Yearbooks All years (with gaps)

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