The Brooks curriculum provides students with a broad-based academic experience in preparation for university. In addition, students develop skills and habits of the mind that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Ideally, all students will enroll in courses in the five major disciplines for all four years of high school. Students are also encouraged to pursue their interests in the arts throughout their career at Brooks. Students should keep their future career options open as long as possible.

This course catalog, which is linked at right) will give you a sense of the depth and breadth of our curriculum. Requirements are considered the minimum needed to graduate from Brooks. Students should look beyond what they must take to what they ought to take to make themselves the most attractive candidates for college admission. For example, all students should complete courses in the three basic sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), even though they are not necessary for graduation. Most students graduate with transcripts that far exceed the school's requirements.

Brooks offers students the opportunity to choose academic programs appropriate for their abilities; many courses have multiple levels. Students have more choices as they progress through the curriculum. For example, sixth formers may wish to double up and take two courses in a particular field of study. As always, consultation between students and parents, advisors, teachers, the college counselors and the academic dean is necessary to ensure students choose the most challenging courses within which they will do well.
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