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“Why Brooks?”

This question was asked of me in the first moments of my first interview to become Brooks School’s fourth head of school, and the truth is that the core of my reply has remained true and constant for all of my years here—relationships. I have enjoyed more rich, full and lasting relationships with students through my life at Brooks than any one educator deserves in any number of lifetimes. The root of our success is our school’s enormous capacity and will to reach our students in meaningful, lasting ways. Indeed, to earn our way to being the kind of experience that stays with our students throughout their lives. To be the most meaningful educational experience our students will have in their lives. This is our goal.

On this page, I hope to accomplish two things: First, for you to click on whatever comes next on our website with a warm, warm welcome in hand. To that end, thank you for visiting with us virtually. We do not believe that your visit here could in any way replace a visit to our beautiful campus, but you are certainly on your way to knowing and appreciating our school more fully. Second, you will see below my most current “e-letter” to parents, a sense from my perspective of what the school and I are up to at Brooks. In a way, you have access to a running summary of sorts and an additional window, I hope, into the wonder of this magnificent place.

To frequent visitors, welcome back and welcome home. We will hope to see you soon. To first time visitors, we hope that what you see here will lead to an opportunity for us to meet you in person.

Until then, all my very best.

John R. Packard
Head of School

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