Why Clay? 

Clay and the Human Connection to Creativity

Clay was one of the first art mediums humans used to express themselves. This sparked the beginning of creative exploration. Developmentally, children use tactile senses to understand the world. This memory of our experience with clay from our earliest exposure is stored in our bodies, in our very DNA. When we play with clay, that memory is triggered. That spark is ignited once again. Our true nature and desire to create with a childlike joy is unearthed.

With the increase of social pressures and busy schedules, our artistic instincts get buried and splintered. Clay can lead us back to wholeness and can free us to experience our limitless creativity, joy and peace.

Personally, I believe clay is a sacred element of earth that connects me deeply to my own creativity and the source of all creation. Though I am not a religious person, clay has led me to my spiritual center. When I am feeling unsettled or scattered, I can instantly feel grounded when I touch it.

I identify my own creativity with the boundless potential that clay offers. Clay is everything all at once — gentle/strong, forgiving/challenging, firm/supple, joyful/frustrating. I must be fully present while working with clay to understand what state it is in and what state I am in and how best to come into balance in the process. This symbiotic relationship is a complete circle of reciprocity and defines creativity at its most pure level.

In my 30+ years of teaching with clay, I have witnessed this relationship form in my students. Whether they believe in clay as spirit or just in self as spirit, clay creates a connection to creativity like no other medium.