Champions — Times Three

Champions — Times Three

If Brooks School’s four teams earning the right to compete in the semifinals of the 160+ member New England Preparatory School Athletic Council fall tournament wasn’t enough to be proud of, consider this: Two won their whole tournament and an individual athlete won two championship titles all by herself.

“It was an outstanding fall season,” Director of Athletics Roberta Crump-Burbank told the student body at Brooks’ afternoon activities awards ceremony on Friday highlighting the tournament titles of Brooks’ field hockey, football and boys and girls soccer teams, as well as cross-country star Kata Clark ’25, the ISL champion who ran away with the NEPSTA and NEPSAC Division III titles in her second consecutive undefeated season.

See a photo album of the winners at the awards ceremony on December 2.

“Winning is, for a lot of us, a real visual, outward sign that everything that you’ve sacrificed and everything that you’ve put into it was worth it,” said Crump-Burbank.

Tweeting simply, “What a journey” after their 2-1 NEPSAC Class B championship win vs. Williston Northampton on November 20 — a day after their 2-1 win over Rivers School in overtime — third-seeded boys 1st soccer was elated to have toppled the first-seed team in the league.

Girls 1st soccer was seeded seventh and battled their way to a NEPSAC Class B Semi-Finalists title, too. “I'm incredibly proud of these girls and what they have achieved this year” said head coach Jason Braga.

And while the 1st field hockey team’s tournament run also ended with a NEPSAC Class B Semi-Finalist title, head coach Tess O’Brien said, “Despite numerous team injuries and difficult results in the final stretch of our season, our team has responded to adversity with grace and determination.”

With a decisive 21-12 win over St. Sebastian’s School in the Dave Coratti Bowl, Brooks’ football team became NEPSAC Champions on November 19 — followed by an ISL Flaherty Rorke Sportsmanship Award title and All NEPSAC Honorable Mention to boot. Their 8-1 record (7-0 in their conference) was their best record in more than 15 seasons!

“Just having an amazing year this year with this team and winning it all meant so much to me,” Joel Mireles ’24 told The Eagle Tribune in a recent article about the team and their phenomenal success. “A lot of kids from where I come from don’t get the opportunity to play big games.”

Teammate Michael Wolfendale “fully believed that this team was capable of being NEPSAC champions from the beginning,” he told the newspaper. “We had all the pieces we needed to be successful. We had unbelievable coaches who truly cared about us and our success. We had great talent at every position on the field as well, but more importantly, everyone on the team cared about one another like they were family. We all looked out for each other. No one cared about individual stats or accomplishments. We all wanted to succeed as a team. Everyone bought in.”

So many outstanding athletes were honored at the awards ceremony in the Center for the Arts on December 2 (Details below).  “I saw all sorts of examples of resiliency, of sacrifice, of dealing with adversity, of coming together and working for a common goal this season,” Roberta Crump-Burbank (shown below, embracing members of the football team) told the audience.

“... I hope that all of you can look back on your season, no matter how it ended, and feel that your time was worthwhile, well spent, and have memories that will last for much longer than some of the awards that we’re going to give here today because that is what it’s all about.”


Cross country, boys:

·      Forrester Clark ’25 — ISL Honorable Mention and NEPSAC All-League.

·      Lorenzo Johnson ’26 — earned the team’s coaches award.

Cross country, girls:

·      Kata Clark ’25 — ISL All-League, ISL League MVP and NEPSAC Division III champion title, as well as NEPSAC All-League status.

·      Zoe Wilmerding ’23 received ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Division III Honorable mention and the coaches award.


Field hockey:


·      Mary Adams ’25 — ISL All-League, NEPSAC All-League, NFHCA All-Region honors

·      Elena Agosti ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Molly Driscoll ’23 — ISL All-League, NEPSAC All-League, NFHCA All-Region honors

·      Michaela Littlewood ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention

·      Kyleigh Matola ’25 — Brooks School field hockey prize

·      Courtney Webb ’23 — NEPSAC Honorable Mention




·      Jackson Connors-McCarthy ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC

·      Nathan DuBarry ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Jeremy Emch ’23 — ISL All-League, NEPSAC Honorable Mention and Brooks School’s Timothy E. Keating Award

·      Gabe Fitzgerald ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention

·      Joel Mireles ’24 — ISL All-League, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Darnell Pierre ’24 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC

·      Nomar Tejada ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention

·      Henry Walsh ’24 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Rayden Waweru ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC

·      Michael Wolfendale ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC and Brooks School’s coaches award


Soccer, boys:


·      Harry Bertos ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC, NEPSAC Player of the Year, ISL Defensive Player of the Year, All-State and All-American honors

·      Kyle Joyce ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC, All-State honors

·      Charlie Powers ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Alejo Woelper ’23 — ISL All-League, All-NEPSAC and All-State honors

Soccer, girls:


·      Lana Gibbs ’24 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Maile Lung ’26 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Lughano Nyondo ’24 — ISL All-League, NEPSAC All-League

·      Caroline Sutherland ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention, NEPSAC All-League and Brooks School Amy E. Broadhead Award winner




·      Vivienne Foley ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention

·      Liz Nicholson ’23 — NEPSAC Honorable Mention

·      Brooke Semler ’23 — ISL Honorable Mention and Brooks School’s coaches award winner



·      Community service: Timothy Mulvey ’24

·      Cross country, boys: Yoonsung Philip Choi ‘24

·      Field hockey: Eloise Bertrand ’26

·      Football: Julian Wei ’26

·      Outdoors group: Diego Torio ’24

·      Sailing – Bart Burgess Award: Sam Moore ’23

·      Soccer, boys 2nd team: Jiachi Sean Wang ’25

·      Soccer, boys 3rd team: Tsz Cheung Shawn Wei ’26

·      Soccer, girls 2nd team: Amaia Gomez ’25

·      Soccer, girls 3rd team: Grace Murphy ’23

·      Theater, cast: Chapin Dobbins ’23 and Seho Daniel Min ’25

·      Theater, crew: Moon Hyung Aiden Choi ’24 and Kayla Gutkoski ’25

·      Volleyball 2nd team: Jeongwon Lucia Han ’23