Last year, we asked alumni, faculty and board members to reflect on their time at Brooks and identify just one thing that they learned. Some answers were given in broad strokes, while others were quite specific. Our favorite answer might have come from Head of School John Packard H'87, P'18, P'21, who noted, "I've learned at Brooks that you get a lot more from this school than you'll ever give to it." 

This year, we want to hear about your sense of belonging at Brooks. We talk a lot about the solidarity of our campus community and the importance for each student to feel like they belong. We'd love for each of you to share a moment during which you felt like someone — a peer or an adult — truly cared about your wellbeing. Or, let us know where that sense of belonging came from and why it was so important to you during your days on campus. 

Send us your thoughts through the adjacent form. We will share them all publicly this winter. Thank you for your participation! 

Tell us where and when you felt a sense of belonging at Brooks!