Brooks is operating in an on-campus/online mode from Jan. 24 through the start of Spring Break on March 6.

See below for details, dates to remember and advice about who to contact if you have questions. 

 Dates to Note

  • January 24First test administration for all on-campus students
  • January 27Second test administration for all on-campus students 
  • February 1: Third test administration
  • February 27 - March 6: Staggered departure of all on-campus students for Spring Break during this week. 
  • March 6 - March 24: Spring Break

Frequently Asked Testing and Move-In Questions

Q: When should my on-campus student sign up for testing?
The more prepared our community is to manage crowd flow on testing days the better. If you haven’t already, please sign up for a testing time slot on Sunday, January 24 (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and Wednesday, January 27 (between 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.).

Q: If a student quarantining on campus tests positive in the first round of testing what happens?
If an on-campus student who has moved on campus to quarantine receives a positive result from the first round of testing (administered on January 24) that student will be sent home. Administrators will work with your family to execute the travel plan we requested that all families have in place for such instances. A student who tests positive, who is quarantining off campus, will need to remain off campus until cleared for return by our Health and Wellness Center staff.

Q: If a student has previously tested positive for COVID, should they still participate in the three rounds of testing at Brooks
No, if a student has had COVID previously, they do not need to be re-tested at Brooks January 24, January 27 or February 1. Instead they should be in touch directly with Health and Wellness Center staff about their individual health situation.

Brooks' Medical Update Questionnaire

Q: Can parents accompany their children for testing?
No. To minimize contact, Brooks asks that students enter the Athletic Center, where testing will take place, alone and that parents wait outside, in their vehicle, in the parking lot.  

Q: Can students drop off belongings they want to move in ahead of time?
No. During this move-in we will not be allowing any early campus access or belongings drop-off.

Q: Can I pick which day of January 30-31 move-in weekend (for students who quarantined at home) that my student will go?
Student move-in during the weekend of January 30-31 will be organized alphabetically. If your student’s last name starts with the letter A – N, they will move in on Saturday, January 30. If your student’s last name starts with the letter O – Z, they will move in on Sunday, January 31. See below for specific times:

Q: May I help my child bring their belongings into their dorm/dorm room?
We’d rather you not. To continue our efforts at minimizing contact, we ask that students move their belongings into their dorm/room alone. If they can’t do it alone, one masked adult may help.  

Q: Any special items students should pack this winter?
Outdoor gear! To take advantage of gathering outdoors as much as possible, we plan to provide lots of outside opportunities from skating to sledding and other activities in the snow. If your student has skates or snowshoes we encourage them to pack the items along with cold-weather gear including hats, gloves, boots and such.

View Brooks’ Packing Guide

What about laundry?

Given COVID precautions, we are unable to allow local families to do a pickup/drop off of your child's laundry. E&R Laundry Service has provided us with a pro-rated fee for the winter session only, specifically for those who have changed status from online to on campus for this term, and for those full-year boarding families that have not elected laundry service previously.

Online to On-Campus Students – Winter Term
Rates for this winter-only service are as follows:

Look Sharp Plan - $246.00
Just The Basics Plan - $198.00

On-Campus Students – Late Signups/Remainder of School Year
Rates for this winter/spring service are as follows:

Look Sharp Plan - $632.00
Just The Basics Plan - $519.00

Please take a moment to read through the E&R information form. We are encouraging families to elect this service for their student(s). The service will help students maintain cleaner living areas and will reduce the usage of machines within smaller laundry spaces on campus.

If you would like to sign up for a plan, we will need to have you fill out this Google Form or email a request to the business office on or before Friday January 22, 2021. Enrollment forms and emailed requests can be sent to

There are laundry machines in the dorms that require a pre-paid laundry card for use. Cards can be purchased, at the cost of $5, in the machine in the lower level of Wilder Dining Hall but, as a reminder, we will be unable to provide students with cash from the debit accounts for this purpose. The ATM will be available for cash withdrawal. The laundry card machine accepts $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills to purchase the cards and reload them.

Watch the January 14 Parent Webinar: Head of School John Packard and Brooks School administrators discuss winter session and moving into a boarding/virtual mode following COVID-19 testing this month.

Have additional questions? Please reach out:

  • Academics Concerns
    Academic Dean Susanna Waters: (978) 725-6355
  • Afternoon Programs
    Director of Athletics Bobbie Crump-Burbank: (978) 725-6210
  • Campus Health & Safety
    Director of Human Resources Beth McNeff: (978) 725-6318
  • Financial Concerns
    Chief Financial Officer Paul Griffin: (978) 725-6213
  • Student Health
    Health & Wellness Center Director Tracey Costantino: (978) 725-6207
  • Student Life
    Associate Head for Student Affairs Andrea Heinze: (978) 725-6264