Brooks held second semester of the 2020-2021 year in a boarding/day/virtual mode. In-person classes on campus began April 5

May 19 Mask Update

Declining infection rates, growing vaccination levels and extremely low levels of outdoor transmission makes clear that continuing to require masks outdoors is no longer necessary. Please read the adjustments to our mask protocol, effective immediately.

Spring 2021 Health and Wellness Center Updates

Brooks will continue to adhere to guidance from The American Academy of Pediatrics regarding high school athletes returning to sports or activities after a COVID-19 infection. (This link provides some excellent information regarding return to sports post COVID-19).

  • If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, a clearance note from their health care provider will be required prior to return to sports and activities at Brooks.
  • This applies to any student, even those who were virtual earlier this year, who have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • This clearance note is required prior to returning to on-campus sports or activities in any capacity, regardless of how much time has lapsed since their infection.
  • In addition, please provide the Health & Wellness Center with a copy of a positive COVID-19 test. Accurate documentation is important as we move forward with our surveillance-testing protocol and helps us determine which students may be exempt from testing for a period of time.

What If . . . ?

What if a student has previously tested positive?

  • Students who have tested positive within the past 90 days will be exempt from asymptomatic testing. 
  • Students who have tested positive in the past 90 days will also be exempt from quarantine if they are identified as a direct contact of someone who has tested positive, however, they will be monitored daily for any symptoms. If symptoms develop at any time, quarantine and testing will be required. 

What if a person is in direct contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19? Brooks will use the seven-day quarantine regimen as outlined by the CDC for individuals identified as a direct contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19:

  • The direct contact must quarantine, off campus, for seven days from last exposure.
  • Brooks School also asks the individual to take a PCR test on Day 2.
  • On, or after, Day 5, the contact must take a PCR test, per the CDC.
  • If the Day 2 and Day 5 tests are both determined to be negative, the contact may come out of quarantine on Day 8.
  • On Day 8, Brooks School also asks the individual to take a PCR test, again. (Once this Day 8 test results in a negative, the individual may return to campus).
  • The contact will continue to self-monitor for symptoms through Day 14. 

What if a fully-vaccinated person is in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19? Fully-vaccinated people (14 days post-completion of vaccine series) do not need to quarantine if they are identified as a direct contact — as long as they do not have symptoms. They must self-monitor for 14 days post-exposure and if they develop symptoms, they will then be required to test and quarantine.

 2021 Dates to Note

  • March 6-24: Spring Break
  • March 10: Students attending school in person this spring begin quiet phase, taking extra care to avoid any COVID-19 contact.
  • March 25-26: Second semester classes resume in virtual mode for all students
  • March 28: Students begin to arrive on campus for first test administration (12 -5 p.m.) for all students planning to attend in person. (All boarding students living more than one hour from school will move into single rooms on campus to quarantine. All day students and boarding students living within one hour from school will be expected to quarantine at home).
  • March 29-April 3: All classes will be virtual as we move through intake testing. There will be no afternoon programs during this week.
  • March 31: Our second test administration (3 -7 p.m.) for all students planning to attend school in person
  • April 2-3: All boarding students who are in quarantine at home will be permitted to move on campus at assigned times following a second negative test result.
  • April 5: Our third test administration for all boarding and day students *It is our hope that this will be our first day with day students on campus as we begin in-person classes.
  • April 7: We aim to begin afternoon programs.
  • May 28: Second semester classes and afternoon programs will end.
  • May 29-31: A version of our Lawn Ceremony on campus for all students
  • June 1-5: "Senior Week" programming for the class of 2021
  • June 6: Prize Day on campus

From March through June 2021, Brooks School followed a six-day week Continuous Learning Plan.

Watch the March 4 Parent Webinar: Head of School John Packard and Brooks School administrators discussed the spring session and plans to implement a boarding/day/virtual mode for the remainder of the school year.

Have additional questions? Please reach out:

  • Academics Concerns
    Academic Dean Susanna Waters: (978) 725-6355
  • Afternoon Programs
    Director of Athletics Bobbie Crump-Burbank: (978) 725-6210
  • Campus Health & Safety
    Director of Human Resources Beth McNeff: (978) 725-6318
  • Financial Concerns
    Chief Financial Officer Paul Griffin: (978) 725-6213
  • Student Health
    Health & Wellness Center Director Tracey Costantino: (978) 725-6207
  • Student Life
    Associate Head for Student Affairs Andrea Heinze: (978) 725-6264




Please be advised that all contractors and vendors visiting Brooks School are required to submit a COVID self-attestation at our security checkpoint, located at the Service Entrance, prior to proceeding onto campus.

On the day of the visit:
1) Click into Brooks Visitor Daily Covid-19 Screening Site.
2) Answer the four questions.
3) Show the QR badge to the security guard.

Please do not execute the self-attestation on the day before your visit. Badges change daily. (We will also accept hard copies of the self-attestation at the security checkpoint). Thank you for your cooperation.