Squash - Boys 1st Team



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Squash - Boys 1st Team

Brooks plays in the very competitive Independent School League, where the varsity boys team is successful due to their disciplined work ethic, tenacious competitiveness, and their willingness to make each teammate better. The 2018-2019 team exemplified how these three commitments can transform a team of average talent into New England Class B Champions.

The 2018-2019 championship team consisted of a blend of experience that is typical at Brooks. Four players came to Brooks with varying experience, three were introduced to squash by our thirds program, and one started with the instructional program. This speaks volumes about the level of coaching the players receive.

Success of the program is a result of an emphasis on player development as well as instilling a love and respect for the game. Brooks players are coached to play an intelligent, composed, and full court style while playing hard until the final point played. As a result, the Brooks side typically plays its best squash during the season ending tournament.

Brooks takes great pride in playing a high level of squash while valuing an even higher level of sportsmanship on and off the court. Over the years, Brooks teams and a number of individuals have been recognized by their peers with league and New England Sportsmanship Awards.

The boys-and-girls program consists of seven teams with 90-100 students participating. In addition to the school program, the beautiful 10-court facility proudly hosts the SquashBusters Lawrence program and has hosted many tournaments including the U.S. Junior Open Tournament, the College Team Nationals, the Mass. St. Junior tournament, and a number of the New England Prep School Tournaments.

If you are interested in playing squash for Brooks, we hope that you will come for a visit on campus.


  • Head Coach

    Douglas G. Burbank has been at Brooks since 1986, teaching a variety of courses in the mathematics, sciences, studio arts and technology disciplines. He is a graduate of Trinity College with an M.A.T. from Marlboro College. A native of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, where he was a private school faculty child, Doug likes to play all the sports that include a ball and to lose himself being creative in his basement workshop on campus or at his log cabin in New Hampshire. Doug coaches boys 1st squash, girls 2nd volleyball and boys 2nd tennis, and previously coached boys 1st tennis and soccer. He has coached New England champions in all three. He and wife Bobbie, who is director of athletics, live on campus. Their son, Andres, graduated from Brooks in 2011.