Sports Medicine

No one wants to get injured. But if a student does, she's in good hands with our skilled trainers. Brooks School's sports medicine team works together to prevent, diagnose, and treat injuries, ensuring the health and safety of students involved in the school’s athletic and afternoon programs — at all levels.

Our health professionals include two full-time National Athletic Training Association (NATA) certified athletic trainers, who work in conjunction with the school's orthopedic physician and the medical staff in our Health & Wellness Center on campus.

An athletic trainer is on duty during all home games and the majority of all practices throughout the year. Our orthopedic physician works closely with the athletic trainers during the school year and is present at all home football games, as well.

Our Athletic Training Room — where athletes receive health care services — is located on the ground level of the Athletic Center, adjacent to Brooks' basketball courts and below our fitness facility.

Our coaches are trained too ...

All of Brooks School's coaches are trained in concussion protocol and CPR to help in the event of an emergency. All students undergo ImPACT testing prior to starting their sports career at Brooks, as well.

ImPACT is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool used to assist licensed healthcare providers in evaluating and managing a suspected concussion. While not a diagnostic test, the results can help to objectively evaluate a concussed athlete's post-injury condition and track recovery for safe return to play. This measure helps prevent cumulative effects of concussion or returning an athlete to play too soon.

Health & Wellness Center

Brooks School has an affiliate member status with Boston Children's Hospital Sports Medicine clinic, allowing us easier access to specialty appointments related to sports injury.

Our athletic trainers coordinate with the Health & Wellness Center to maintain students' overall health as well as rehabilitation programs as needed.