Athletes in College

Brooks athletes go on to find success in college and beyond. During the last two decades, Brooks alumni have rowed in the Olympics, played on the men's U.S. National Team in soccer, and played in national championship games in women's lacrosse and soccer and international championship games in men's lacrosse. Below is a partial list of the large number of Brooks alumni currently on college varsity rosters.

Seamus Barrett ’20, Loyola Marymount University
Alex Bodnar ’21, Bentley University
Gavin Cann '18, Bowdoin College
John Fritz ’20, Tufts University
Isaiah Giesta-Pinto '22, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Edo Spadaccini '22, Hamilton College

Men's Basketball
Terrell Brown ’18, Brandeis University
Brady Cummins '22, Colgate University
Myles Foster ’20, Monmouth University/Illinois State University
Matthew Mulvey ’21, Swarthmore College
Olu Oladitan ’21, Wesleyan University
George Smith ’21, University of Pennsylvania
LaWilliam Stevens ’19, Miami University - Ohio
Sam Thomson ’20, Colgate University
Tyler Whitney-Sidney ’21, Lehigh University
Brian Wright-Kinsey ’18, Bentley University
Darrel Yepdo '22, Saint Michael's College

Men's Wheelchair Basketball
Martrell Stevens ’21, University of Illinois

Women's Basketball
Taina Mair '22, Boston College/Duke University
Samantha Dewey '22, University of Illinois
Emma Riley ’21, Union College

Men's Crew
Abby Charlamb ’21 (cox), Cornell University
Luke Desmaison '22, Bates College
Adam Jac '22, Cornell University
Aidan White ’21, United States Military Academy
Nate Wirth ’21, Columbia University
Fritz Wright ’20, University of California - Berkeley

Women's Crew
Lydia Barker ’21, Bates College
Ashley Brzezenski '22, Tufts University
Madison Dunn ’18, College of the Holy Cross
Catherine Ingram ’21, Northeastern University
Darya Lee '19, Bates College
Jamie Munroe '22, Hamilton College
Amy Clare Naughton ’18, Yale University
Ashley Picard ’20, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Women's Cross Country
Alexandria Costantino ’21, University of South Carolina/University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Field Hockey
Lucy Adams '22, Brown University
Charlotte Marks '19, Middlebury College

Anthony Burnett '19, Colby College
Will Koslo '19, Kenyon College
Arthur Nwobi '22, Amherst College
Dave Thomson '22, Colgate University

Men's Golf
Nick Li '19, Trinity College
Rylan McGinn ’19, Bowdoin College

Men's Ice Hockey
Kevin Golden '21, Middlebury College
Paddy Mangan '18, Middlebury College
Parker Sondag '20, Wesleyan University

Women's Ice Hockey
Sydney Correa ’21, University of Vermont
Caroline Cutter '19, Middlebury College
Quinn Healy ’20, Endicott College
Mia LaPlante '19, William Smith College
Caroline O'Keefe '19, Connecticut College
Maria Pierce ’23, Colby College
Carly Stefanini ’20, Utica College

Men's Lacrosse
Owen Borek ’19, Providence College
Matt Costantino ’20, Saint Michael's College
Will Creevy '22, Denison University
Nicholas Fulgione ’19, Emerson College
Michael Hughes ’19, Providence College
Judge Murphy ’20, St. Lawrence University
Charles Paras ’20, Ithaca College
Jack Quinn ’20, Muhlenberg College
Aidan Shea '22, Connecticut College
Fenix Wheelden '22, Bentley University  

Women's Lacrosse
Morgan Arakelian '20, St. Lawrence University
Taylor Charpentier ’20, Monmouth University 
Kate Coughlin '22, Connecticut College
Kathryn Delaney ’18, Tufts University
Madeline Delaney ’20, Tufts University
Maddy Dombal '22, Connecticut College
Isabela Miller ’20, College of the Holy Cross
Amanda Monahan ’19, Davidson College
Casey O'Neill ’20, Kenyon College
Kailey O'Neill ’19, Colby College
Kate Wilson ’19, St. Lawrence University

Men's Soccer
Christian Bejar '22, Boston College
Nathan Costantino '18, Salve Regina University
Christian Garner '18 (below on left), Northwestern University
Jacob Iwowo '18, Bates College
Saul Iwowo '22, Dickinson University
Andrew Kempe '19, Temple University
Marcelo Lage ’18, Hofstra University
Aidan McHugh '22, Saint Michael's College
Luke Muther ’18, Kenyon College
Andres Rosas ’21 Tufts University
Andrew Stevens ’18 (below on right), Northwestern University
Duncan Sutherland '19, Harvard University

Women's Soccer
Katherine Marchesseault ’21, Northeastern University
Maddie O'Brien ’20, Union College
Brooke Robinson '19, College of the Holy Cross

Men's Squash
Nick Carabatsos ’20, Hamilton College
Marty Graham ’19, Bard College
Deven Kanwal ’19, Bowdoin College
Delancey McFadden ’18, Bucknell University

Women's Squash
Vicky Haghighi ’19, Bates College
Tin Yan Lau ’21, Yale University
Brigid Woelfel ’21, Colby College

*Note: We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible. If you know of an athlete we've left off the list, or someone we've included who is no longer on a college roster, please let us know. The list also does not include the many Brooks alumni who are playing on club teams in college.

Photo of Northwestern soccer players Christian Garner and Andrew Stevens


Patrick Freiermuth ’18, formerly of Penn State University

Prior Years

In this space, we will keep track of recent Brooks alumni who played a sport in college and have since graduated or dropped off the roster.

Men's Baseball
Christopher Capo '18, Bates College
Nicholas Lam ’18, Bowdoin College
Francisco Zeno ’14, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Men's Basketball
Fru’Nwi Che ’17, Amherst College
Tamenang Choh ’17, Brown University
Justin Connolly ’18, Merrimack College
Ethan Gabert-Doyon ’17, Emerson College
Aser Ghebremichael ’15, Boston College
Isaiah Godwin ’17, Endicott College
Lavar Harewood ’15, University of Portland
Jacob Iwowo ’18, Bates College
Keigan Kerby ’18, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Ikenna Ndugba ’16, Bryant University
Cameron Ray ’18, Endicott College
Adonis Williams ’17, Adelphi University

Men's Crew
Charlie Crockett ’15, Syracuse University
Madison Dunn ’18, College of the Holy Cross (cox)
Nate Gibeley ’14, United States Naval Academy
Arnaud Harmange ’17, Boston University
Blaise Harmange ’16, George Washington, Coastal Carolina University
Henry Hollingsworth ’17, Brown University
James Alastair Hunt ’15, Syracuse University
Jameson Lehrer ’18, Boston College

Women’s Crew
Riley Baker ’18, Santa Clara University
Emma English ’18, Boston University
Isabella O'Shea ’18, Boston University

Men's Cross Country
Sebastian Alvarez '18, Drew University
Joe St. Cyr ’14, Paul Smith’s College

Women's Cross Country
Caroline O’Shea ’17, University of Vermont

Field Hockey
Audrey Brady ’15, Washington and Lee University
Millicent Brady ’18, Babson College
Elsbeth Caulo ’17, Bates College
Alesandra Miller ’14, Boston College
Jackie Murphy ’14, Connecticut College
Kelly Raymond ’17, Brown University
Molly Reilly ’15, Trinity College

Coy Candelario ’15, Bates College
Chris Capo ’18, Bates College
Chris Cervizzi ’15, Colgate University
Will Collins ’15, St. Anselm College
Patrick Freiermuth ’18, Penn State University
Seamus Lambert ’18, Trinity College
Nolan LeBlanc ’16, Bentley University
Jalen Martinez '16, Pace University
Owen Rosenberger ’17, Colgate University

Men's Ice Hockey
Vito Bavaro ’16, Sacred Heart University
Paul Capozzi ’16, Connecticut College
Connor Moore ’16, Boston College 
Danny Philbrick '17, Salve Regina University
Max Prawdzik ’15, Arizona State University 
Ian Speliotis ’14, Saint Michael’s College
Colin Stevens ’16, Connecticut College
Chris White ’15, Wesleyan University

Women’s Ice Hockey
Mairi Anthony ’17, Connecticut College
Molly Depew ’14, University of Vermont
Danielle Doherty '15, College of the Holy Cross 
Kate Haslett ’13, University of New Hampshire
Gabi Hillner ’17, Salve Regina University
Caroline Kukas '19, St. Anselm's College
Maddie Nash ’14, Wesleyan University
Bella Papapetros ’14, Colby College

Men's Lacrosse
Pete Ahonen ’17, Fairfield University
Tommy Connelly ’14, Boston University
Geoff Fulgione ’14, Gettysburg College
Will Gibeley ’17, Dartmouth College
Ben Gill ’19, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Kyle Helfrich ’17, Tufts University
PJ Kelleher ’15, Connecticut College
Gavin McNamara ’17, College of the Holy Cross
Paul Miller ’17, College of the Holy Cross

Women's Lacrosse
Jordyn Arakelian ’18, College of the Holy Cross
Avery Asherman ’18, Denison University
Teagan Canning ’18, University of Albany
Elsbeth Caulo ’17, Bates College
Natalie Hartel ’15, Findlay University
Hannah Rosenberger ’15, Union College
Caroline Yonce '19, Trinity College

Men's Soccer
Alex Chaban ’17, Bowdoin College
Kevin Herrera ’15, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Jake MacKinnon ’21, St. Lawrence University
Mitch Nenninger '19, Stonehill College
Matt Sciascia '18, Hamilton College
Dylan Steele ’17, Amherst College
Coll Sutherland ’21, Washington University - St. Louis

Women's Soccer
Jinx Charman ’16, Middlebury College
Kate Donovan ’17, Syracuse University (shown above)
Caroline Drinkwater '18, Providence College
Emma Goff ’14, Bates College
Mia Karras ’17, Boston College
Kelsey Moody ’20, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Shannon Ryan ’17, Fairfield University
Callie Scala '18, Tufts University

Bridget Cifuni ’17, Brandeis University
Brittany Hart ’19, Bryant University

Men's Squash
Aly Abou Eleinen ’18, University of Pennsylvania
Seif Abou Eleinen ’14, Harvard University
Maxwell Fern '18, Lehigh University
Gabe Garcia ’15, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ishaan George ’18, Bowdoin College
David Gordon ’16, University of Virginia
Matt Myers '15, Bucknell University
Clayton Rice '15, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Andrew Swapp ’14, Colby College
Ethan Yang ’19, Johns Hopkins University
Mahmoud Yoursry ’16, Bates College

Women's Squash
Molly Alvino ’15, Northeastern University
Andreina Benedith '14, Franklin and Marshall College 
Molly Carabatsos ’17, Connecticut College
Zoe Dickerson ’15, Colby College
Elise O’Brien ’14, Colby College
Sarah Murphy ’15, Dickinson College
Isabelle Quarrier ’15, Northeastern University

Men's Tennis
Kevin Barry ’16, Colorado College
Will Barry '18, Lafayette College

Women's Tennis
Samantha Boardman ’16, Gettysburg College
Abby Zerbey '19, Bates College 

Jake Gottfried ’16, American University
Nick Konovalchik ’17, Washington and Lee University