Athletic Facilities

The Brooks School Athletic Complex includes three expansive facilities: an athletic center that gives Brooks athletes the chance to train at the highest levels; the nearby Danforth Gymnasium, a rowing and squash center; and the Demoulas Family Boathouse, opened in 2023 and offering rowers state-of-the-art technology, space and storage for 1st and 2nd crew teams.

Brooks School's Demoulas Family Boathouse exterior.
Brooks School's Demoulas Family Boathouse porch.


Athletic Center

Our 50,474 square-foot athletic center boasts two regulation-length basketball courts with two practice hoops, a wrestling center, locker rooms, meeting spaces, and an athletic training room. There is also a fully-equipped fitness room that looks out over the basketball courts, offering free weights, strength machines, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, ergs and flat-screen televisions above the cardio machines. Connected to the Athletic Center is a hockey rink that doubles as an indoor soccer arena in the spring.

Photo of student shooting basketball in a game.

Danforth Gymnasium

A dual-purpose facility, the Danforth is home to our squash and crew teams. Featuring ten international-size squash courts, the gym frequently hosts, events from national college squash tournaments to local charity matches.

The facility's spacious spectator gallery gives spectators, parents and friends plenty of room to view matches and cheer on our top-ranked teams.

The Danforth Gymnasium also houses Brooks' rowing center for in-season and out-of-season training. Multiple ergs and two eight-person, still-water rowing tanks give crew the opportunity to practice indoors when cold or inclement weather prevents use of our campus' Lake Cochichewick.

Photo of squash player swinging during a match.

Extensive Fields and Outdoor Facilities

Brooks' vast 270-acre campus includes 10 beautiful grass playing fields, as well as a state-of-the-art synthetic turf field dedicated in 2015. The well-maintained fields stand in close proximity, offering teams — field hockey, football and soccer in the fall; baseball, lacrosse and softball in the spring — the chance to easily watch and support each other.

Situated on the shores of 2-mile long Lake Cochichewick, Brooks is fortunate to offer a new, as of 2023, boathouse, housing eight boats for boys and eight boats for girls, right on the campus property.

Tennis teams, and summer camps, enjoy our eight outdoor hard surfaced courts. Cross-country teams and recreational joggers make great use of a 3.1 mile course that winds through our campus as well.

Golfers at Brooks practice at two local private courses: The North Andover Country club, located just a few minutes from campus overlooking Lake Cochichewick, and the Renaissance Golf Club, designed by Brian Silva, in neighboring Haverhill, Mass.

Brooks School's Demoulas Family Boathouse interior.

Anna K. Trustey Memorial Field

Anna K. Trustey Memorial Field gives our student-athletes the opportunity to practice and compete in all weather conditions and at night thanks to a state-of-the-art synthetic turf surface and an exceptional sports lighting system.

Designed by the award-winning firm Huntress Associates, the 75-by-120 yard field features the latest innovations in athletic facility design. The SprinTurf dual-fiber artificial turf surface is underlaid with a Brock shock-absorption pad to minimize risk of concussions and other injuries.

The sports lighting system, constructed by Musco Lighting, extends the fall and spring seasons and allows for evening practices and night games.

By maximizing the amount of available playing time, we can ensure that our student-athletes have ample opportunity to develop their skills.

While the turf field offers clear advantages to the student-athletes who utilize it as a playing surface, it also serves as a valuable resource for the entire school community. The terraced seating area can accommodate thousands of fans during high-attendance events such as New England tournaments and night games, but because the bowl seating is set naturally into the adjacent hillside, even with smaller crowds it maintains an intimate atmosphere.

The field is also a frequent setting for weekend activities, such as bubble soccer or flag football, and the lights allow students to enjoy these outdoor games at night as well.

Photo of football teams gathered on the turf field at night.


Fans at a Brooks School football game outside sitting on the stone wall.