Visual Arts

The visual arts program at Brooks is grounded in the importance of process. Students use clay, paint, pencils, found objects, cameras and film to present an idea, story or problem. Student artists gain visual vocabulary through a study of the historical canon, and subsequently learn to manipulate elements of design, composition and color theory to present their own ideas effectively.

In each of the visual arts classes, students of all levels create original bodies of work, participate in both formal and informal critique sessions, and ready pieces for display both on campus and in the Greater Boston area.

The visual arts curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunity to expand their art consciousness and to allow gifted students a chance for serious study in the medium of choice.

Ample extracurricular opportunities enable students to continue the creative process outside the classroom.

Brooks studio art faculty are passionate working artists in their own right, offering an authentic and current understanding of the struggle and joy of creating work.


"We have an incredible artist-in-residence program that allows our students to work one-on-one with professional sculptors, painters and photographers."


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