Music is around us every day. It is so ubiquitous that we often do not realize how it envelops us, fills us and connects us to thoughts and feelings we would not otherwise experience. At Brooks, the diverse selection of music courses, ensembles and activities offers students the chance to make music a richer and deeper part of their lives.

As students get inspired, more groups are added each year. Ensembles now include several a cappella groups, Gospel Choir and Brooks Chorus. Instrumental ensembles include Advanced Jazz Band, the BrooksTones jazz band, Chamber Ensemble, Bishops Bells and three different rock bands. Students have a wide array of performance opportunities, from the annual Winter and Spring Concerts and Brookstock, to smaller and more intimate events such as Room X or the musical "Cabaret." Students have the chance to experience live performance as both musician and audience. In addition to scheduled performances, advanced students may perform at select gatherings as well as other special events.