Center for the Arts

After more than two years of construction, Brooks' state-of-the-art Center for the Arts opened its doors to students, faculty and staff for use on October 30, 2018. The $28 million facility has transformed the school, bonding the visual, musical, and performing arts together and placing them on display at the center of campus.

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Designed with the goal of providing a space where the whole Brooks community could gather share and express themselves, the building invites creativity across disciplines and elevates the arts within our curriculum.

Our hope is that this arts facility will spur interests, enthusiasm and passion in the visual arts and music and theater for all students for generations to come.

Head of School John Packard

The Center for the Arts consists of three structures: one each for performance, music, and visual arts. Connecting all three is a shared indoor "arts street" and outdoor courtyard. The two-level interior street offers gathering and seating areas for small groups, providing space for informal exchange, collaboration, discussion, exhibitions and receptions before and after events. The walls serve as a gallery, highlighting the arts as every member of the Brooks community passes through the building.

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Performing Arts

Performances, teaching and community gatherings have a spacious, comfortable home in the theater, designed to fit the entire student body with 387 seats. Its stage connects to a scene shop and a 1,200-square-foot Black Box theater, which provides a flexible teaching space and an additional performance venue. A costume shop, changing room and green room are included as well. Sliding barn doors increase visibility and connection in the Arts Street, as well as allow overflow standing room for large events.

My involvement in theater and improv at Brooks has been the springboard for my whole life after Brooks, including my current career ... so seeing the amazing facility ... makes me incredibly excited for current and future students, and all of their possibilities!

Rachael Burke '10, contributing joke writer/social media manager for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Musicians and performers sing the praises of this portion of the building. It includes ensemble and individual rehearsal spaces for music: two large ensemble spaces, two medium-sized ensemble spaces, a choir section and four music practice rooms, as well as a recording studio.

Visual Arts

Studios abound in this structure. Two 2D studios on the upper level will feature expansive windows looking onto Main Street, with additional views over a new campus quad providing northern light for the space. There are three studios on the lower level: one each for ceramics, 3D, and photography. The ceramics and 3D studios open onto an exterior Arts Terrace and the new campus quad. The photography studio includes space for setting up and taking photos, plus a darkroom with 10 enlargers and a full trough sink.

The visual arts space also includes a digital media lab. This collaborative area will host work on graphic arts, digital imagery, and MIDI audio equipment.



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