Dear fellow '96ers ('96ians? '96alese?): It is of course a great disappointment to us all that we are not able to gather in person, on campus this year but such is life. By the way, can you believe it’s our 25th? I mean, how did that happen??

Ok, so we can’t play cups in the Blake House basement, or cheer on the green and black, but the alumni crew and your class chairs have been working to make a fun online gathering. Check out the schedule and register for some of the virtual events -- especially for our class Zoom on Thursday, May 13, at 8 p.m. 

I know that none of us are excited about one more Zoom event, but we have been working to make this a fun and engaging opportunity to visit with far flung friends. We will have some small groups and some celebrity guests joining in. 

One of the best parts of our last reunion for me was the opportunity to spend time with classmates who maybe weren’t in my immediate circle as a student, but have the same shared experiences and are doing some pretty cool things today. I am looking forward to more such conversations with you all next week.

So again, please use form on this page to register for our Zoom cocktail hour, and break out your best bib and tucker for the 13th.

-- Chrisso Rheault

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