With 2019 just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about our 25th, yes, our 25th Brooks reunion!

During this time of year, many of us reflect on the last year and what we have accomplished in life, at home and at work. For some of us, it's finally finishing that pesky grad school degree, getting that promotion you worked so hard for, maybe even a new job or getting married and starting a family or making yours bigger.

There's no doubt about it, so much of who we have become in life all started during our teen years while we were at Brooks nearly 30 years ago. Campus has certainly changed, we have all changed, but our connection to the old Brooks School is probably the only thing around that hasn't changed after all these years -- well, that and a few faculty members who have refused to leave!

So, as you look ahead to 2019, please consider saving the weekend of May 18 to return back to campus for our 25th reunion. On Friday night, our class will gather at a place of our choosing and just enjoy some time together. We can select any location that appeals to us (on or off campus). Brooks will help us coordinate our efforts, but Friday evening can really be whatever we choose. On Saturday, we’ll be on campus for many events, including an alumni arts panel, athletics, a family carnival, and a Chapel service. That evening, there will be cocktails, dinner and dancing under the tent (and there will be the all-important child care offered). We’ll also say goodbye to Dusty as he retires after 40-some years. Since we are all getting so old, I'm pretty sure stepping back on campus will make us all feel like teenagers again, teenagers who are actually allowed to have a cocktail on campus!

So pull out all your old J. Crew sweaters, Birkenstocks and that ratty Brooks hoody you have in the bottom of your closet, and join us back on campus for a day or two of reconnecting (face to face) and some good times.

--Your reunion committee
Angela Chongris | Andrew Garcia | Noah Levine | Adam Weigold

Class of 1994 Discussion Board

Planning to attend reunion?
Emily Williams

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Do you happen to know where the following classmates are? Please provide updated contact information for any of these classmates to the Alumni Office.


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25th Reunion Giving History

1993 | $34,033 | 24%

1992 | $18,783 | 32%

1991 | $31,401 | 47%

1990 | $7,170 | 16%

1989 | $41,640 | 24%

Class of 1994 Giving History

2018 | $11,900.20 | 22%

2017 | $11,489.20 | 24%

2016 | $13,065 | 23%

2015 | $11,750 | 23%

2014 | $6,530 | 23%

See Who's Coming . . . 

Sylvia & Arch Bell '94
Kara Draper Hickman '94
Christian Manchester '94


Reunion Class Gift

In honor of our 25th reunion, we invite you all to consider making a meaningful gift to the Brooks Fund this year. The Brooks Fund is the school’s number one fundraising priority this year and supports a large part of the schools operating budget. Let’s aim to reach 30 percent participation and raise $25,000 in honor of 25th reunion! Visit the school's website or Venmo to make your gift today. Thank you!