Alumni Weekend Class of 1984

Dear class of 1984,

The countdown is on for our 35th reunion this May. It is hard to believe we are already looking at a number that big ... how can that be?? Ronald Reagan was president when we graduated, the Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl and the Detroit Tigers were set to win the World Series that fall. A movie ticket cost $2.50. The average price of a home was $37,000. The original Apple Macintosh computer went on sale in January that year, for $2,500. None of that seems possible!

On the one hand, it seems like ages ago. On the other hand, it seems it all just happened. Our upcoming Alumni Weekend will allow us a wonderful opportunity to connect with one another, share memories of our time together many years ago and see what life has been like for each of us over the intervening years. We’ll have the chance to check out old favorite spots on campus, as well as see new places, like the Center for the Arts. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the reunion May 17 - 18, 2019.

Programs: There will be a lot to look forward to over Alumni Weekend. On Friday night, our class will gather at a place of our choosing and just enjoy some time together. We can select any off-campus location that appeals to us. Brooks will help us coordinate our efforts, but Friday evening can really be whatever we choose. On Saturday, we’ll be on campus for many events, including class visits, an alumni arts panel, a family carnival, athletic contests and a Chapel service. That evening there will be cocktails, dinner and dancing under the tent, plus a special goodbye to Dusty as he retires after 40-plus years! On Sunday, there’s a morning brunch on campus. A tentative itinerary for the weekend can be found here.

Accommodations: Brooks has reserved room blocks with discounted rates at hotels in both Andover and Boston. We are recommending that our class books rooms together at the Courtyard Marriott in Andover, so we can maximize our time together over the weekend. If you’d like, you can book a room there by clicking here or you can consider other options by clicking here.  

Class Gifts: During this reunion year, we hope that you’ll consider joining us in supporting the school by making a donation here. During our last reunion in 2014, we raised more than $50,000 for the Brooks Fund with a 22 percent participation rate. This year we’d like to exceed that. No matter the size of your gift, it will have an impact. Our collective effort will make a difference in the lives of current Brooks students, many of whom are just like we were so many years ago. Imagine ... in 35 years, they will be coming back to campus to amble around the buildings and fields, sit in on a Chapel service and just reconnect with old, dear friends. Our support helps to make that happen.

You will hear more from us in the coming months as we share additional details. Please note, if you’d like to participate on the reunion committee (and help plan the Friday evening event!), please email Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Nicole Mallen Jackson ’95.

In the meantime, please reach out to friends and make plans to see one another on campus this spring!

Your classmates,

Phyllis Jackson Allen and Elizabeth Frank McGraw

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Class of 1984 Giving History

Fiscal Year 2018 | $41,575 | 18%

Fiscal Year 2017 | $82,137 | 23%

Fiscal Year 2016 | $70,235 | 27%

Fiscal Year 2015 | $35,975 | 18%

Fiscal Year 2014 | $50,325 | 22%

35th Reunion Giving History

Class of 1983 | $15,114 | 15%

Class of 1982 | $28,494 | 15%

Class of 1981| $23,350 | 19%

Class of 1980| $10,900 | 8%

Class of 1979 | $11,450 | 21%