Dear classmates, 

We are thrilled to be planning for Brooks’ Alumni Weekend and hope you will join us for this special occasion. We are working to personalize this weekend in honor of our 50th milestone. A final schedule of events will be published online early this spring. And don't forget, the class of '71 will be on campus celebrating their 50th as well so you will have the opportunity to visit and socialize with many peers outside your class in addition to your own.  If you want to help with the planning, be in touch with any one of us. 

We also ask that you each take some time to fill out the questionnaire for our 50th reunion book. These submissions will be published at the bottom of this page ahead of reunion (click on the names in light green). This is an important part of annual compilation that the school puts together for each 50th reunion class. We hope we can count on your participation.

During the next few months we challenge you all to reconnect with fellow classmates and the school, catch up and share a few stories about the last 50 years! Please be in touch with us if you have any ideas about special reunion activities or want to volunteer to help us organize the weekend. We look forward to seeing you in June 2022!

Class of 1972 Reunion Committee

Murray Danforth P'05 | Mark Cleveland | Val Hollingsworth P'17 | Stephen Taber George Allport | Richard Spencer | Ralph Bradley


Click on the hyperlinked names below to read your classmates entries. To submit your own, simply complete the questionnaire and email it to us!

Richard E. Alexander

George N. Allport

Jeffrey M. Anderson

Reginald T. Aubry

Thomas J. Bassett

Ralph Bradley

Dr. Peter F. Bross

David Yee Ding Cheng

Mark V. B. Cleveland

Peter D. Coffin

Timothy A. Cross

Murray S. Danforth III

Richard C. Dempsey

Pierre S. duPont

William F. Finlayson

James C. W. Finley M.D., Ph.D.

Adam R. Foster

Thomas K. Frick

William T. Gardiner II

Alan S. Goldblatt

Mark C. Gorman

Kevin A. Gould

H. Baird Hansen

Stuart M. Hatcher

Dr. R. Brian Hennessy

Charles H. Hodges IV

Valentine Hollingsworth III

Timothy L. Hopkins

Oliver E. Kaufmann

Christopher H. Klosson

Francis J. Kolb III

David H. Leeson

Richard S. Lovering III

D. Carter MacNichol

Andrew D. Magee

Paul D. Mann

Dunan F. McLane

Andrew W. McMullan

Samuel W. Meyer Jr.

James J. Minot II

Mr. Nordo M. Nissi III

Mark S. Niziak

Dr. H. Gregory Ota

William F. Ray III

Jeffrey D. Richwagen

Donald F. Robinson II

E. Champlin Robinson

Joseph W. Rumbough III

Michael Schmidtmann

Dr. Joseph A. Scozzafava, Jr.

Michael F. Sheets

Edwin S. Sheffield, Jr.

Dr. Peter L. Skeirik

Earl E. T. Smith, Jr.

Richard V. Spencer

Stephen H. Taber

Bryce C. Tarry

Richard T. von Mayrhauser

Melvin S. Walker

Denis T. Wettlaufer

Stephen B. White III

Benjamin Yardley