Alumni Weekend Class of 1964

Dear notorious members of the class of 1964,

It may be hard to believe, but next May, five years will have passed since many of us gathered at Brooks for our memorable 50th reunion. To put it in perspective just how momentous it was, recall that Riv Pyne and Ted Bickford, who had been unceremoniously dumped by the A before reaching the promised land of graduation, both returned to a campus they had vowed never to set foot on again! 

The rallying cry of Oscar Root's "worst class in the history of the school" galvanized many classmates who would otherwise not have participated in our 50th reunion efforts. We are still the only form to have found every member, no easy task with so many of us having been kicked out or resistant to discovery, and virtually every member of this illustrious group has an entry in our 50th reunion yearbook! It is the only one to date that has been perfect bound, given its volume, and I venture to guess it will remain so. The fact that every classmate, regardless of their tenure at the school, wanted to be sent their copy is testament enough.  

We are looking for additional members of our class who would like to join us on the 55th reunion committee. We know that any participation will pale next to the efforts expended on preparation for our 50th, so be not afraid to sign up! Any involvement you can provide will be a plus, and should be good for some laughs as well. For those classmates who missed out on our celebratory get together in 2014, this is a point to make up for that lost opportunity to reconnect with those with whom you spent a fair amount of your adolescence, which is certainly the operative word!  

All the best,

Reunion Co-Chairs, 

Peter Rathbone | Jody Burns

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Class of 1963 | $14,785 | 43%

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Class of 1961| $10,500 | 24%

Class of 1960 | $95,222 | 59%

Class of 1959 | $11,937.23 | 42%

Class of 1964 Giving History

Fiscal Year 2018 | $117,414.90 | 32%

Fiscal Year 2017 | $113,785 | 30%

Fiscal Year 2016 | $380,785 | 22%

Fiscal Year 2015 | $317,170 | 22%

Fiscal Year 2014 | $783,850.85 | 58%

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