Greetings to the class of 1963!

It feels like only last year, well maybe two years ago, that we were getting ready for our 50th Reunion! Well, FIVE years have passed and the two of us have been contacted by the Alumni office again, asking us to spread the word about our 55th Reunion!

Alumni weekend is May 11-12. Brooks has gone back to a May date, acknowledging the idea that the campus is more lively and real when school is in session. A few of you have already asked about the date, so we are anticipating a better than average turnout. Also, we had such a great response to our 50th that we hope the tradition to assemble every five years will continue.

The Alumni Office has created this Brooks Alumni Weekend website in operation and you can monitor that for information. Additional details will be posted in the weeks and months ahead.

If any of you are already planning on attending, please let us know and we will use that as impetus to persuade others! Strength in numbers!

We will be back in touch with you before the end of the year, and so far Peter Cross, Jonathan Dean, Russ Bingham and Jim Notman have signed on to help us in the planning. Any volunteers are welcome!

Your reunion committee,

Cliff Irons | Jim Saltonstall

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