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A Unifying Experience

Like an explorer, after she left her Southern roots to study at Brooks, Blankenship traveled, worked abroad and shifted her career path to match her interests. An architect by training, she's now hard at work producing a documentary film about an Atlanta suburb that hosts the most diverse square mile in America. Din Botsford Blankenship '03

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  • Student journalist Ford Hatchett '16 reports on the rights of the disabled here.
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  • Alex Clapp ’09 reports “Confessions of an Islamic State fighter” for The Economist 1843.
  • Steve Forbes '66 spoke at the annual Forbes Global CEO Conference
  • Rachael Burke ’10 performed on NBC's Bring on the Funny
  • Dan Lyons '78 writes, "Startups: Still White, Still Young, Still Incredibly Pleased with Themselves," on his blog,
  • Elizabeth Garrett Mettler '01 shares, "His Mood Changed and Our Marriage Imploded. Then He Took a Blood Test," in Elle.
  • Charlie Davies '04 is a regular on MLS' show, Extratime.
  • Folwell Dunbar '84 writes, "Student Testing for the 21st Century: Finding Alternatives to Forced Choice," for The Lens.
  • Bill Ferris '60 produced multi-media folklore about his home state of Mississippi that won two Grammys, found here