Join us for a Homecoming @Home event:

Drop In To Student Affinity Group Meetings

November 19 at 9 a.m. EST

If you identify with any of the following affinity spaces, feel free to drop-in for an informal meet-and-greet with current students and their faculty advisors.

Alianza Latina

Alianza Latina serves as a home for students who are of Latin or Afro-Latin descent. Our mission is to amplify and validate the voices of Latinx and Afro-Latinx members of the community while continuing to uplift said communities, outside the Brooks bubble.

Advisors: Lillian Miller, Peter Neissa, Michael Veit.  

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Asian Student Alliance

Join the Asian Student Alliance (ASA) to find out how we are supporting students of Asian descent at Brooks School as well as how we are educating the rest of the community on campus and learning online about the many ethnic groups represented within the alliance.

Faculty Advisor: Alex Skinner ‘08.

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Black Student Union

Join the Black Student Union (BSU) to learn how we plan to advance diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives into the fabric of the Brooks community. The goal is to create and sustain a meaningful impact on the experiences of current and future students, while fostering strong connections among Brooks' Black alumni.

Advisors: Kenneth Griffith and Kenya Jones.

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Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Please join us to see how the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) functions as both an affinity group for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community and also as an interest group for people at Brooks who wish to serve as allies and friends to community members.

Advisors: Rebecca Binder,
Peter Federico, Kenneth Griffith, Meghan Hill and Ashley Johnston 

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Brooks School alumni, we’re excited to welcome you all to our first virtual homecoming, featuring online events throughout the month of November.

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We look forward to "seeing" you!