Earth Day Panel

Brooks Alumni Shared Their Perspectives 

Wednesday, April 21 at 7 p.m. EST

In partnership with the student environmental club, No Planet B, we were happy to share a Zoom conversation with alumni who shared their insights and professional expertise on current environmental issues.

All were welcome to join us: alumni, students and employees!



Panelists Included:

Topics ranged from how their careers have evolved and the slow fashion movement to product sustainability, climate financing, climate and racial equity, personal/institutional sustainability and more. 


Feel free to contact Associate Director of Alumni Relations Carly Churchill '10: (978) 725-6286 if you have any questions. 

See Who's Coming . . . 

Neil Bliss '56
Ronald Barr '62
Daniel Quincy '63
John Lewis '65
Pradeep Kapadia '74, P'04, P'09
Wisner Murray '75
Stephanie Platt McCaa '83
Al Uzielli '85
Kim O'Neill Packard '87, P'18, P'21
Sylvia Kimball Perry '87, P'23
Sally Milliken '88, P'22, P'24
Amanda Tarr '94
Paul Lazdowski '96
Loren Giallanella Murad '96
Emily French Breakey '03
Summar Lyons '03
Phillip Field '05
Elan Kapadia '09
Carly Churchill '10
Harry Hawkings '10
Ryan Nowicki '11
Meaghan Flanagan '13
Emilie Klein '13
Sam Vogel '15
Spencer Pierce '19
Heidi Woelper P'23
Racquel Chanel Baldeo '21
Katherine Barenboim '21
Haley Duran '21
Jack Frimet '21
Emma Houlihan '21
Caitlyn Ingram '21
Jolly Joel '21
Connor Lang '21
Alex Natalizio '21
Elizabeth Packard '21
Lily Quinn '21
Sasha Rizika '21
Caroline Samoluk '21
Anya Sanchorawala '21
Emma Tiedemann '21
Ella Dooling '22
Brooke Rogers '22
Zan Shu '22
Elena Agosti '23
Natalie Ho '23
Melanie Kaplan '23
Eleanor Mayer '23
Eben Dooling '24
Bella Hacker '24
Olivia Johnson '24
Lughano Nyondo '24
Zhaohan Shi '24
Olivia Budd Pearson '15, Faculty
Andrea Medved, Faculty
John Packard H'87, P'18, P'21, Head of School
Justine Rooney, Faculty
Amy Wang, Faculty
Babs Wheelden P'22, Faculty