Boston Reception

You are cordially invited to our annual Boston Reception!

100 High Street, 9th floor, Boston, MA 

Join us for any, or all, of the evening's programming:

6 to 7 p.m.
The Brooks Classroom of Today — A panel discussion with faculty members:
Mathematics Teacher Doug Burbank H’98, P’11 
Chair of Science Department Randy Hesse P’16, P’20
World Languages (Spanish) Teacher and School Year Abroad Coordinator Lillian Miller P’14, P’17, P’20 
Chair of History Department Michele Musto
English Teacher Leigh Perkins ’81, P’14, P’18

7 to 8:30 p.m.
Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and remarks by Head of School John Packard H'87, P'18, P'21

Contact Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs Nicole Mallen Jackson '95: (978) 725-6258, with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Will you join us? Please RSVP by Feb. 28:

See Who's Coming

  • John and Kim O'Neill Packard '87, P'18, P'21
    Head of School
  • Gage and Ryan Dobbins P'22, P'23; Director of Institutional Advancement, Director of Technology
  • Emily French Breakey '03, Leadership Gifts Officer
  • Doug Burbank H'98, P'11; Mathematics
  • Carly Churchill '10, Associate Director of Alumni Relations
  • Randy Hesse P'16, P'20; Chair of Science Department
  • Nicole Mallen Jackson '95, Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Programs
  • Mary Merrill, Director of Annual Fund and Donor Relations
  • Lillian Miller P'14, P'17, P'20; Spanish, SYA Coordinator
  • Michele Musto; Chair of History Department
  • Leigh Perkins '81, P'14, P'18; English
  • Babs Wheelden P'22; Chair of Arts Department, Director of Robert Lehman Gallery

Eric Amoroso '04
Julie & John Barker '87, P'21, P'23
James Begen '05
Joe Branca P'22
Ginny Brown P'22
Andrew Bruno '13
Michael Bruno '06
Cailly Carroll '06 & Dan Serna
Valerie Colletta P'23
Charlie Cornish '06
Jill Creevy P'22
George Demoulas '12
Gary Domoracki '82, P'10, P'11, P'13
Lisa & John Erban '73
Nancy & Tom Ferry P'21
Justin Freeman '13
Mike Fucito '04
Loubna Garozzo '96, P'21
Matthew Godoff '01
Patrick Gordon P'13
Pierce & Alison Haley P'22
Kevin Hayes P'23
Olivia Hull '09
Austin Lee '06 & Lea Hachem
Sarah Lindvall P'23
Joseph Malarney '06 & Elizabeth Getzoff
Derek Missert '06
Matthew Mues '04 & Caitlin Murphy
Albert Nascimento '10
Anthony Papantonis '81, P'13
Andrew Peck '11
Chris & Sylvia Kimball Perry '87, P'23
Jim Pettorelli '91
Sean Riley P'20, P'21
Belisario & Leslie Rosas P'15, P'21, P'21
Carolina Rosas '15
David Rountree P'06
Eubene Sa '07
Tom Samoluk P'21
Nicola '87 & Whitney Romoser Savignano '87
Naomi Schlossberg '10
Katie Smith '07
Joe Staropoli '01
Catherine Truman '85
Jack Vailas '13
Prabal & Kelsee Wadas-Lakhanpal '07
Brian Wilber '09
Jennifer Wilber P'09