Alumni Shield

Purpose: To recognize and promote from among the Brooks alumni/ae those individuals less than 25 years from their class' graduation whose life and contribution to society exemplify the nobility of character and usefulness to humanity embodied in the spirit of Brooks School.

Eligibility: Alumni/ae less than 25 years from their classes graduation.

Selection process: Recommendations for nominations are solicited from members of the Brooks community. A standard form is used for each nomination to ensure uniformity. The nominating committee will review the nominations and make a decision on the recipient as representatives of the Alumni Board.

Presentation: To be awarded during Alumni Weekend, Prize Day or any other suitable occasion by the Head of School. The award will be made from time to time, not necessarily annually.

Nomination Form: Please complete the form on the right-hand side of this page. And do contact the alumni office with any questions.

Previous Alumni Shield Recipients

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