Alumni Board

The Brooks School Alumni Board aims to bolster the ongoing relationship between the school and its alumni base. Sally Milliken '88, P'22, P'24 assumes the role of Alumni Board president, following former president Jon Gibbons '92, P'24. With this leadership change and the addition of several new members, the 2020-2021 year has great potential. Past successes act as a springboard for each committee, as they take on greater initiatives to help bring Brooks’ alumni closer to the school and to one another.

The board is always interested in hearing from alumni about potential projects and board members. If you have an idea, or are interested in joining the Alumni Board, contact If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow alum for the Alumni Board, please complete our form by clicking the button below. 

Alumni Board Nomination Form

Want to know more about the Alumni Board? We've answered some frequently asked questions:

Alumni Board FAQ

Looking ahead

In June of 2020, the Alumni Board met virtually to have a conversation about anti-racism, Black Lives Matter and the ways in which this group can support students and alumni as it pertains to topics of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This group will work in alignment with the school to ensure that conversations and actions happen in order to further the school's work on these topics. 

Alumni Board President
Sally T. Milliken '88, P'22, P'24

Career Advisory Committee
Matthew A. Godoff '01, chair

Leland B. Berman '07

Catherine E. Cannon Francis '96

Jason D. Fraser '90

W. Alexander Haughton '95

Jacqueline L. Murphy '14 
New York

Lowey Bundy Sichol '92

Class Volunteer Committee

Albert D. Nascimento '10

Allison P. Barry '13
New York

Geoffrey M. Fulgione '77, P'14, P'19

Abigail D. Skinner '14, DEI Liaison

Kingsley P. Woolworth '00
New York

John A. McKallagat '66, P'96, P'00

Events Committee
Nicholas R. Ziebarth '95, chair

Lowell C. Abbott '10

Thomas L. Armstead '89, P'22
New York

John M. Greata '00
New York

Jessica S. Kapadia '04
New York

Brittanye J. Mackey '07

Giving Committee

James G. Begen '05, chair

Phillip W. Field '05

Joseph R. Malarney '06

James T. O'Connor '99
Washington, D.C.

Katie Rogers Taylor '92

Nominating Committee
Matthew Cascio '91, chair

Sean P. Nagle '99

Emma M. Parkinson '07
New York

C. Stow Walker '71, P'06

Fiscal Year 2021 Accomplishments

  • The Nominating Committee vetted and welcomed new members to the alumni board.
  • The Class Volunteer Committee communicated with fellow alumni and encouraged their involvement in virtual programming.
  • The Career Advisory Committee developed plans to host career panels and networking events in person or virtually.
  • The Giving Committee helped to dramatically increase participation during Giving Day (1,008 donations totaling $432,420) for the Brooks Fund.
  • The Events Committee planned, managed and executed its first ever virtual 5k during Homecoming@Home in November. They also helped facilitate other virtual events including a wine tasting and book discussion.