Why Choose Brooks?

“It’s easy for me to tout the benefits of a Brooks School education," Head of School John Packard wrote in Brooks School's viewbook. "But we want you to hear from students who are just like you — students who want to be challenged, students who are only beginning to discover their passions.”

So, we polled students and asked them what brought them to our lovely campus; what made them realize that Brooks was the right choice. As the comments show, there are so many reasons to love our special school. Come see and hear more by visiting us. We’re eager to help you discover why Brooks could be the perfect fit for you too!

"Before coming to Brooks, I actually didn't enjoy school that much," said Maddie Hesse ’20. "I felt tons of pressure and was so stressed that I forgot about learning and just tried to complete my homework well enough to earn 'good' grades. But when I came to Brooks, everything changed. For the first time, I did not feel constant pressure and I was able to learn for myself, just because I was genuinely interested. I truly fell in love with learning and soon found myself going above and beyond. I never settled for the bare minimum anymore. I became kind of a huge nerd, even though I do prefer the term 'intellectually curious,' and am incredibly grateful to Brooks for fostering this passion in me."

The room to grow was key for Jadie DeLeon '19. "Brooks is a place that supports growth," she said. "It challenges students to stretch themselves academically, but also socially. Outside of the classroom we get to explore different cultures and perspectives."

Ritika Kommareddi '17 was drawn to that inclusive spirit.  "People at Brooks come from all backgrounds, all races, ethnicities, financial situations," she said. "But when you come here, it's just part of who you are, it doesn't define who you are."

"I chose Brooks because of the balance between academics and sports," said Alex Nemon '20. "It's a place where you can strive to be your best self, every single day, a place where you can have fun and achieve everything that you ever wanted to."

Teachers are always available outside of the classroom — which made an even bigger impact on John Fritz '20 than he imagined it would. "When I first got to Brooks and my physics teacher put her phone number on the whiteboard I was a little confused," he said. "When would I ever text a teacher? Weird. Halfway through that year, I noticed my dorm-mates disappearing to faculty houses during study hours. They texted their teachers asking for extra help regularly. As the year progressed I began to do the same and it worked. Not only did my grades improve, but I found myself so much less stressed. I have learned that school is not an individual competition at Brooks. It is a team sport and everyone wants to succeed and make each other better."

It was the same for Annie Edwards '21: "The small class sizes are wonderful because the teachers can make bonds with students that allow us to feel comfortable to ask and answer questions and to fail, or succeed, as a class. With the constant positive, nurturing, and caring environment I am rarely overwhelmed."

Brooke Cordes '20 shared that her largest class this past year had 15 students and her smallest had a mere four. "When you come to Brooks, you can be positive that you will be in a class where you are asked to speak up, speak out, and most importantly speak your mind."