Why Choose Brooks?

“It’s easy for me to tout the benefits of a Brooks School education," Head of School John Packard wrote in Brooks School's viewbook. "But we want you to hear from students who are just like you — students who want to be challenged, students who are only beginning to discover their passions.”

So, we polled students and asked them what brought them to our lovely campus; what made them realize that Brooks was the right choice. As the comments show, there are so many reasons to love our special school.Come see and hear more by visiting us. We’re eager to help you discover why Brooks could be the perfect fit for you too!

"I chose Brooks because it really stood out to me of how nice and considerate the kids were and just how family-like the school was," said Duncan Sutherland '19.

The room for growth was key for Gabi Hillner '17. "You can take anything you want in any direction," she said. "I came in as an athlete. I had no clue I had any desire to write. I love writing now. It's a huge part of who I am and I don't think that I would've been able to experience that if I didn't go to Brooks and wasn't so encouraged by the people around me."

Ritikia Kommareddi '17 was drawn to Brooks' inclusive spirit: "People at Brooks come from all backgrounds, all races, ethnicities, financial situations, but when you come here. . . It's just a part of who you are, it doesn't define who you are."

"Everyone here is just very open to different perspectives and different ideas," said Coco Sun '17, sharing what appealed to her. "I think that's part of the reason why you see students all over campus doing all kinds of different things that they're interested in because whatever it is that you're doing, everyone respects it and thinks that you're great for doing something that you're passionate about."

"Brooks is very homey and comforting," said Hannah Latham '17. "It's a place where community, family and friends are very important. Everyone knows everyone."

The relaxed feel sold Caroline O'Shea '17. "It's a really welcoming place and a place that fosters learning in a safe and encouraging environment, rather than a stressful one," she said. "It's just a really fun place."

Kyle Helfrich '17 said that our supportive teachers made all the difference for him. "I think having teachers that care about you as much as they do here at Brooks has been the reason I've grown as a student and as a person," he said. "They made me push myself."

"I chose Brooks because of the balance between academics and sports," said Alex Nemon '20. "It's a place where you can grow, and just strive to be your best self, every single day, a place where you can have fun and achieve everything that you ever wanted to."