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“It’s easy for me to tout the benefits of a Brooks School education," Head of School John Packard writes in Brooks School's viewbook. "But we want you to hear from students who are just like you — students who want to be challenged, students who are only beginning to discover their passions." So, we polled students and asked them what brought them to our lovely campus; what made them realize that Brooks was the right choice.

As the comments show, there are so many reasons to love our special school.

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"Before coming to Brooks, I actually didn't enjoy school that much," said Maddie Hesse ’20. "I felt tons of pressure and was so stressed that I forgot about learning and just tried to complete my homework well enough to earn 'good' grades. But when I came to Brooks, everything changed. For the first time, I did not feel constant pressure and I was able to learn for myself, just because I was genuinely interested. I truly fell in love with learning and soon found myself going above and beyond. I never settled for the bare minimum anymore. I became kind of a huge nerd, even though I do prefer the term 'intellectually curious,' and am incredibly grateful to Brooks for fostering this passion in me."

The teachers have been key for Amy Del Cid '22. "Brooks has been the first place in my learning career where I felt that teachers deeply care for their students," she said. "They are supportive and make an effort to reach out to students to check up on them. They make time available for one-on-one help and want to see students succeed."

Saisha Prabhakar '22 appreciates the challenges. "Brooks has fed my hunger for learning with captivating courses," she said. "I've become more comfortable voicing my thoughts and have grown immensely, all due to the people I'm surrounded by and experiences and opportunities that've come my way."

Location was a big factor that Sam Lee '22 to decide to attend Brooks. "Brooks has a great location," she explained. "We have good restaurants and ice cream shops close to campus, and we regularly have bus rides into Boston on the weekends."

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Adventures on campus meanwhile, through activities and clubs, are what Franklin Dong '22 said he loves: "Being around great people, faculty and students alike, has helped me realize what I'm interested in and motivates me to pursue my passions."

"People are very supportive of positive things at Brooks," Lee added. "Students and faculty go watch sports games, theater performances and band concerts to cheer each other on. This atmosphere allows me to reach out of my box to try new things because I know my decisions will be respected and supported."

The same goes for Katharine Gutkoski '22, who found herself surprised to embrace a sport at Brooks. "Brooks has helped me grow in so many ways," she said. "And I've enjoyed pushing myself in new ways. I didn't consider myself an athlete but thanks to the athletic requirement, I tried volleyball for the first time and I loved it!"

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If community matters to you, consider Brooks, urges Maddy Dombal '22. "Brooks has allowed me to become a part of a wide range of communities: classrooms, teams, clubs, dorms, friends and advisories; and has taught me what it means to have a different role in each," she said. "Through immense support in all areas of life, I've been able to excel as a student, athlete and overall person."

“Being part of the Brooks community has given our children so many gifts: friendships to last a lifetime, memorable experiences inside and outside of the classroom and deep, personal connections with faculty/staff/dorm parents/coaches that are truly one of a kind. The supportive, engaging Brooks environment propels students to aspire to reach personal goals, while always cheering on others to do the same.”

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