Connect with a Student

We hope to answer all your questions about Brooks and know that some are easiest asked of — and best answered by — students themselves. These eight Brooksians are ready and waiting to speak with you on the phone, email or text to share their inside perspective on our programs, community, campus life and anything else you'd like to discuss about Brooks.

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Christian Duran '22

Boarding student:  "[My favorite activity is] Mr. Packard’s open houses. They’re just so fun because once a month he orders pizza for the entire school and calzones and cookie dough and lemonade. All your friends pop out and [talk and play] board games.”


Laura Kahu '23 

Boarding student
Laura is an enthusiastic member of festival chorus and likes painting during art class.

Delaney Eiland ‘22

Boarding student
English is the favorite subject of Delaney, whose passion is singing in school musicals.

J.J. Calareso '22

Day student
J.J. loves soccer at Brooks — almost as much as he adores his teachers. Let him tell you all about them!

Arthur Nwobi ‘22

Boarding student
Algebra is his top course and out of class, Arthur is all about the athletic center where he hangs with friends.


Day student
Lucy plays field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse. Ask her anything about Brooks athletics!

Caroline Sutherland ‘23

Boarding student
Curious about afternoon activities? Ask Caroline, who does soccer, squash and community service.


Kevin Golden '21

Day student:  Kevin plays ice hockey and considers the Athletic Center his favorite spot on campus. His favorite class so far at Brooks? Introduction to Acting in the school's new Center for the Arts.