Below, please find answers to commonly-asked questions about the admission process and financial aid.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Admission Process

Where do Brooks students come from?

Brooks students come from across the country and around the world. Brooks is a place that embraces and values all types of diversity. We seek students who bring a unique perspective to our community.

What are the requirements for international applicants?

In order to make sure your application is complete before the January 15 deadline, we recommend you plan ahead to meet all of the application requirements. International applicants who do not speak English as their first language must take a TOEFL before January 1. Our TOEFL code is 4442. The SSAT test must also be completed by January. Our SSAT code is 1882. An on-campus interview should be conducted before February 1. If you cannot make it to campus to interview, which we prefer, in some cases we will schedule a Skype interview, once all other requirements have been met. Students applying from mainland China can find additional information HERE.

Do you accept incoming seniors or PGs?

No, we only accept students into the ninth, tenth or eleventh grades.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

We seek highly motivated students who enjoy challenges, collaborative work and community engagement.

How do I begin the admission process?

You can begin the process by filling out our online inquiry form available HERE. To schedule your interview, contact our office directly at 978-725-6271 or 978-725-6272.

Does Brooks accept the Common Application?

Yes, but we prefer the SAO or Gateway online applications.

Can I apply online?

Yes! You can apply through the SAO or Gateway websites.

Financial Aid

Should I apply for financial aid?

If you do not believe that you can afford to pay the cost of a Brooks education, the answer is yes. If you do not qualify, we may call and ask if you want to be considered for admission without aid.

How does the application process work?

Those interested in applying for financial aid should notify the admission office by checking the appropriate box on the inquiry form and on the application. The Parent Financial Statement (PFS) for financial aid applicants should be submitted as early as possible and no later than January 15. For both new and returning families, the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) must be completed online at http://sss.nais.org/parents or returned by mail to:

School and Student Services
Processing Center
PO Box 449
Randolph, MA 02368-0449

Decisions on financial aid awards accompany acceptances and enrollment contracts.

Does Brooks give academic or athletic scholarships?

No. All financial aid at Brooks is need-based. The policy of schools in the Independent School League, of which Brooks is a member, prohibits merit scholarships.

What happens if parents are divorced or separated?

Both parents are expected to contribute to their child's education. Financial aid is based on ability to pay, not willingness to pay. Therefore, both parents must participate in the financial aid process. Both must submit a Parents' Financial Statement and supporting tax documents to School and Student Services. If there are extenuating circumstances that warrant waiving this requirement, a written request should be sent to the director of financial aid.

What expectations does Brooks have regarding my family contribution?

Sending your child to Brooks is a choice. While we do not want parents to experience economic hardship as a result of their child's enrollment, we do expect sacrifices to be made in order to maximize a contribution. For example, we assume that both able-bodied parents will work, unless they have a child at home not yet school age. Otherwise, Brooks may impute an income.

How many students receive financial aid at Brooks?

Approximately 32 percent of students receive financial aid.

What are our priorities? Who gets financial aid at Brooks?

Brooks assigns awards based on demonstrated financial need as determined by SSS. Once we determine that need exists, we look for students who will add to our community in significant ways. Families of returning students who were not previously on aid may apply if their financial situation changes significantly. Those families should contact the director of admission as soon as possible. We prioritize our financial aid grants in the following order: returning students on aid, new students, returning students not previously on aid. We will try to help Brooks families in need, but cannot make guarantees.

What are the expectations of students awarded financial aid?

There are no specific requirements for students on financial aid. However, all students are expected to work hard, make substantial contributions to the school, and benefit from our academic program.

What will my future awards look like?

You must apply annually for financial aid by December 31. All things being equal, the award will be comparable each year. The award is likely to be adjusted if your income changes significantly. You can expect that the cost of attending Brooks will go up every year. Depending on your income, you will be responsible for some portion of that increase.

Can I appeal the size of my award?

Yes. Write a letter to the director of financial aid explaining your situation in as much detail as possible. We are willing to consider requests for adjustments; however, we do have limited funds and want to be fair to all of our qualified applicants.

Does Brooks offer payment plans?

Yes, Brooks does offer payment plans. Please contact the business office for information regarding payment plans.