Come Visit Campus

Who better to share all the ins and outs of life at Brooks School than a student living it?

All of our campus tours are led by current students, giving families an insider perspective on what life and learning is really like at Brooks. And because they are one-on-one, prospective students and parents have the opportunity to ask whatever it is that they want to know about attending classes, eating in the dining hall, acting in our student productions or playing on one of our 48 athletic teams.

Visiting our campus brings it all to life. You experience the friendliness of our students and faculty. You can feel the excitement in the classrooms, the positive energy of our community, and see the beauty of campus firsthand.

Bini Egertson, Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Unable to visit campus? We offer Zoom interviews, toO.

As soon as each family arrives at the Admission Office, they are paired up with a student who will show them around campus. The 45-minute tour takes visitors through all the main areas of Brooks including the academic building, Center for the Arts, science center, college counseling office, library, chapel, dining hall, student center, athletic centers and dorms.

Center for the Arts exterior, tree

"I went on a few school visits before coming to Brooks, but as soon as I began my tour, I knew Brooks was where I wanted to go. I felt included and involved on campus from the very beginning." 

Annie Edwards '21

Upon returning to the Admission Office, one of our admission team members interviews the prospective student for about 30 minutes, followed by the student's parents.

"On your tour you're seeing the buildings as well as what happens in these spaces," says Egertson. "It's an important way to begin to envision yourself here at Brooks."

It worked for Maddie Hesse '20. "On my campus tour, I was impressed by the chemistry labs, the turf field and the theater, but this wasn’t what really drew me in," she said. "I was overwhelmed by the warmth of both faculty and students, the school spirit, and the love and care students had for one another. I also saw students laughing while tossing around a basketball outside the academic building, an art class lying out on the grass while drawing landscapes, and a boy standing with his teacher excitedly scribbling mathematical equations on a whiteboard."

"Without a campus tour," she adds, "I never would have experienced any of this, and I left my visit confident that I wanted to be a part of the Brooks community.”

Come see all this for yourself. Come visit Brooks! 

When Can I Visit?

Typically, visits begin at the end of September and run through January. It is in the interest of all applicants to visit, if possible, during the fall or winter prior to the year of expected enrollment. (Please see our Applying to Brooks page for more details).

Appointments are offered Monday through Saturday during the school year. Please note that out-of-state candidates are given priority in the scheduling of Saturday campus visits.

To schedule your visit, contact the Admission Office at (978) 725-6271/6272.