Hear from Alumni

The most meaningful educational experience of your life. That's what Brooks School strives to provide — and did for these ten alumni. Click on their photos to hear from each graduate, who shares all the ways in which their Brooks experience prepared them for college, life, and so much more!

Tap the photos to discover what Brooks gave each alum, and how they still rely on it today . . . 

Pat Freiermuth '18 

Penn State University

“The teachers, my advisor and coaches, they really helped me push myself . . . and without Brooks’ academics, I don’t think I could be in the position I am today: Playing football at Penn State and doing very well academically. . . . I learned so much from Brooks . . . It’s just an awesome experience and place to be.”

Jess Kapadia ‘04

Food Editor at Dotdash

“[Brooks allowed me to enjoy how] smart is cool.  . . . Everyone is there to throw themselves into their studies, learn a new language . . . sport. It was absolute heaven.  . . . College paled in comparison.  . . . Everything about it is just the best high school experience you could ask for!”

Charlie Davies '04

Broadcaster/host for SiriusXM, ESPN, Major League Soccer, New England Revolution, former soccer pro
“My whole life I wanted to be a professional soccer player, but at Brooks they made me understand the importance of academics and balance.  . . . It’s the foundation . . . that allowed me to have success.”

Matt Cascio '91

American Red Cross Executive Director for Enterprise Web Systems Marketing Technology

“Serving others gives me great pleasure, and I learned it at Brooks — participating in the community service [afternoon activities program] . . . It's one of the core values I have in my life. And I owe it to Brooks.” 

Chongchong Liu ‘13

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Brooks gave Chongchong lifelong connections. “I'm grateful for the strong relationships I developed.   . . . I’m still in touch with many of my friends and teachers. And in New York, there is a very strong alumni network where you can reach out to people for things such as career advice.”

Katie O'Brien '19

Colby College

“I remember feeling so homesick for Brooks while I was in Spain [studying abroad during my first college semester]. . . but Brooks prepared me to thrive living in a different country. . . And once I arrived at Colby, I felt like I was prepared academically, [too].

Aly Abou Eleinen '18

University of Pennsylvania

The close community helped me develop "ways to achieve my goals.  . . . Teachers live on campus, so that gives you the opportunity to interact with them all the time.  . . . The Brooks motto is about providing students with the best educational experience possible and honestly I couldn’t have had a better experience."

Lowell Abbott ‘10

Marin Country Day School  

“Brooks gave me one of the most important things in my life: some of my closest friends. I still keep in touch with lot of my classmates and we kept in touch throughout college, despite going to different schools. We all live across the country now and we still keep in touch!”

Brian Flanagan '18

Providence College

“Brooks has helped me to become a better person and better suited for life. I see that at college, as I see some of my classmates . . . don’t know how to handle college yet. . . . Brooks was a great place for me to get ready for real life.”

Julia Moore '17

Northeastern University

"I’m grateful for my time at Brooks because of all the incredible relationships I made and also [the way that] I was able to grow as a person over my four years."