Enjoy a Virtual Revisit . . .

Congratulations on your acceptance to Brooks School! Due to concerns about the coronavirus, our campus revisit days previously scheduled for April have moved virtual. We hope that you and your family are well during this challenging time. 

This webpage shares a variety of ways that you can see all Brooks has to offer, from your own home:

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with our community in a new, truly personal way. Join us back here frequently, as we'll be adding additional resources and updates for you during the next couple of weeks. Welcome to Brooks! 

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A "Hi!" from Head of School John Packard

Connect with Students

Twelve students are ready and waiting to speak with you on the phone, email or text to share their inside perspective on our programs, community, campus life or anything else you'd like to discuss about Brooks. Watch videos they created to introduce themselves to you and sign up to talk/text/email with the student of your choice, one-on-one. 

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Information About Our Classes and Teachers

Our academics pages offer details about classes, a classroom activities blog from Dean Waters, the Course Catalog and highlights of the many ways that students Embrace the Challenge of learning at Brooks: Check them out!

To learn more about the exceptional teachers at Brooks, watch this video: Great Teachers Make for Great Learning.

Step Inside Our Classrooms 

Get a glimpse inside a handful of Brooks classrooms. Whether it is science, history, math or any other subject, interesting lessons are being learned every day ...

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Hear from Faculty

See Brooks School history, math and science teachers share what it's like to be a student in their classrooms and how they help spark and further students' learning . . . 

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...and watch video of our March 27 Faculty Panel, including a Q&A for accepted students:

Learn More About the Brooks Experience

Hear from Alumni

Discover what a Brooks education gave ten alumni — and how they still rely on it today . . . 

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