Chinese Applicants

To better facilitate the interview process for our students from Mainland China, candidates who reside and attend school in Mainland China are required to interview with a representative from Vericant before scheduling an interview at Brooks.

Vericant will conduct preliminary interviews and facilitate short writing prompts. Bear in mind that Vericant does not evaluate candidates; rather Vericant sends all information to the Brooks School Admission Office for assessment. Brooks then will select students from among the completed Vericant interviews and determine which students will be offered an interview with a member of the Brooks School Admission staff.

Please note that your application fee does not include costs associated with the Vericant interview. Contact Vericant to schedule an appointment in a city near you. For interview scheduling and fee information, click here.

Chinese Applicants FAQ

I am already studying in the U.S. this year. Do I have to interview with Vericant?

A student who is currently studying at a school in the U.S. is not required to interview with Vericant.

What is the Vericant deadline for your school?

The deadline for interviewing with Vericant is December 1, annually.

I plan to visit campus. Do I have to interview with Vericant?

Yes. We receive more requests for campus visits than we can accommodate. Due to the high number of applications from Mainland China, we require a preliminary interview with Vericant for all Mainland Chinese applicants before we will schedule a campus visit.

When should the student expect a response from your school after the Vericant interview is complete?

Approximately three weeks.