Students on the Forefront

For years, Students on the Forefront has provided Brooks students with internship opportunities in research laboratories, hospitals and hubs of engineering and technological innovation. The program opens doors for rising sixth-form students to gain professional insights and experiences in areas of intellectual curiosity or passion. It is our strong belief that a hands-on research opportunity in a lab or field setting will best encourage students to pursue their interests further. 

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In 2024, Brooks will be expanding the Students on the Forefront program to include professional fields across arts, business and finance, computer science, and humanities.

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Students on the Forefront: Beyond Science

In addition to the science opportunities, we are offering five additional summer internships for rising sixth-form students in the fields of finance, architecture, activism, government and media:

Axial Financial Group: Financial Planning Advisory Services

This one-to-two week internship in August 2024 will allow a rising sixth former to shadow and support a veteran consultant in the field of financial planning. Experiences will include participation in client meetings and calls, internal meetings and at least one independent project tailored to the interests of the intern and needs of the institution. A strong candidate will have a demonstrated interest in the financial services industry, good verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to commute to and from Axial Financial Group in Burlington, Mass. 

Catherine Truman Architects

Catherine Truman Architects is a team of more than a dozen staff, including licensed architects, LEED accredited professionals, experienced interior designers, senior technical experts and junior designers, as well as ful- time administrative support — and an office dog. The headquarters are in Somerville, Mass., with a satellite office in Cape Cod. Their work is principally in the greater New England region, but with projects in New York’s Hudson Valley and in California.

This four-to-five week internship opportunity beginning July 8 is for Brooks School students to explore the world of architecture and design and will foster critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Through a series of design shadowing/workshops, site visits and discussions on architectural opportunities and challenges, interns are exposed to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas. This program encourages participants to think beyond the boundaries of traditional design and offers them a chance to address real-world issues through innovative design solutions. By the end of the internship, students not only gain valuable insights into the architectural industry but also develop a strong sense of social responsibility and a desire to make a positive impact on the built environment.

Amnesty International USA — with Cynthia Cynthia Gabriel Walsh, Senior Director, Individuals at Risk Member Engagement & Human Rights Education and Training

In this remote (with possible access to Boston Office) internship, students will be working with Amnesty International 15 to 20 hours a week. This eight-week learning immersion experience is a placement within the Individuals at Risk Member Engagement and Human Rights Education unit. This unit is responsible for building activists’ engagement in campaigning for individuals at risk. This internship will support campaign planning and development for our 2024 Banned Books Week action. This annual action takes place in conjunction with National Banned Books Week. While the American Library highlights books that have been banned or censored, AmnestyInternational highlights the individuals who have been censored for their written/spoken word or other forms of artistic expression. This role is for an individual who would like to explore the interconnection between art and activism, global advocacy and local grassroots action, and working with staff and member activists from across the United States. Learn more about Amnesty International’s Banned Books Week Action.

Massachusetts Senator Barry Finegold’s Office

In this internship is a summer-long opportunity, five-day-a-week commitment, that is in person four days, and remote on Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Interns may start as early as early June and work until early August, to be negotiated individually, though the office is looking for an intern who can be engaged for as much of the summer as possible. Interns will work on a specific policy project, either collaboratively or individually, relevant to the office's needs. Topics may vary, but possible topics include: artificial intelligence, housing, and mental health issues. At the end of the internship, interns will present their project to Senator Finegold. These policy projects in the past have become the basis for past legislative priorities and hold significant value for his office. In addition to this larger project, the office would also expect interns to assist with other administrative, legislative and communications-focused tasks, assigned on a case-by-case basis. This is a great internship opportunity for any student interested in public policy and actively making a difference in Massachusetts politics. 

Harlem Film House

In this remote summer internship, one-to-two rising sixth-form students will be working with New York based Harlem Film House in communications, media and marketing. The schedule for this internship is flexible based on student schedules and can vary from two to eight weeks. The Harlem Film House sponsors the Hip Hop Film Festival each summer. The interns will be important members of the Harlem Film House community as it prepares for this festival.The interns will help with preparing promotional materials; assisting with workshops and event registration; responding to emails and setting up appointments; editing content for social media and marketing purposes; assisting with the production of programs and events; and becoming  production assistants on specific projects. Interns should be comfortable with on-camera work. Students may be eligible for a lead intern role. Additional duties for lead interns may include assigning other interns with their assignments if needed, training other interns on editing software, creating a calendar for meetings with filmmakers, interns and staff members. This is a great opportunity for students interested in the intersection of the arts, media and technology.

Application Process

  • February 21: Applications are due
  • February 26 - March 2: In-person interviews
  • March 6: Decisions will be announced
  • Summer: Internships begin! 

My internship allowed me to look beyond the classroom and experience what it is like to be in the field professionally. They don't teach you how tiring it is to be in surgery for 10+ hours at a time, or how long and how much precision it takes to develop a single microscope slide in school!

Recipients, selected through a competitive application process, will participate in this summer undertaking provided by the program. Students must be willing to commit to the programs for their entire length and recognize the serious obligations involved in such an undertaking. 

The opportunities for 2023 were impressive and met the same high expectation that has been set in the past:

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For students who do not live in the Boston or North Shore (MA) area, Brooks School arranged for housing through Harvard Summer School (HSS). Students took one class in addition to completing their internship; they received college credit for that class. Students apply to the HSS program as soon as they receive their Students on the Forefront placement, and then register for classes in the spring.  

I've been asked if I'm in med. school about six times. It's fun to respond with, 'Nope, I'm actually in high school.'

For questions about the Students on the Forefront program, contact Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs Susanna Waters.