Students on the Forefront

Students on the Forefront of Science (SFS) is an initiative developed by the Science Department at Brooks School.  The goal of the program is to provide rising sixth-formers (between junior and senior year) with innovative experiences that will expose them to research, technology, and advanced studies in the sciences.

Photo of SFS students at Apple


Photo of MGH exterior


Photo of operating room.


It is our strong belief that a hands-on research opportunity in a lab or field setting will best encourage students to continue in the field of science. 

My internship allowed me to look beyond the classroom and experience what it is like to be in the field professionally. They don't teach you how tiring it is to be in surgery for 10+ hours at a time, or how long and how much precision it takes to develop a single microscope slide in school!

Isabella O'Shea '18 on interning at Massachusetts General Hospital

Recipients, selected through a competitive application process, will participate in this summer undertaking provided by the SFS program. Students must be willing to commit to the programs for their entire length and recognize the serious obligations involved in such an undertaking. 

The opportunities for 2023 are impressive and there is little doubt that they will meet the same high expectation that have been set in the past:

Photo of coastal restoration

For students who do not live in the Boston or North Shore (MA) area, Brooks School has arranged for housing through Harvard Summer School (HSS). Students will take one class in addition to completing their internship; they will receive college credit for that class. Students must apply to the HSS program as soon as they receive their SFS placement, and will then register for classes in the spring.  

I've been asked if I'm in med. school about six times. It's fun to respond with, 'Nope, I'm actually in high school.'

2018 intern Charlotte Marks '19

For questions about the Students on the Forefront of Science Program, contact Chair of the Science Department Laura Hajdukiewicz.